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When does it start feeling good?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by cblock, Feb 18, 2016.

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    I got my medical card about a year ago, and I bought a bunch of different strains of weed to try out (harlequin, charlotte's web, lambs bread, tangie jack, etc). I was really excited, because I'd heard a lot of good things about it. First couple times, I think I tried Blue Dream (if that was the name, can't recall). It made me extremely sleepy and groggy.

    I switched up to a sativa upon others' suggestion, and although I saw colors more vividly, I never felt an improvement in my mood. Maybe it gave me a bit of tunnel vision, but it also made me slightly groggy and so I had to sleep again.

    I inquired others about it, and the response was either 1) you're not smoking enough or 2) maybe marijuana's just not for you.

    So I stopped smoking for a while. Occasionally, I'd pull out my Magic Box and take a couple puffs, but again, it wasn't the addictive high people waxed poetically about. Nor did I ever reach a psychedelic mushroom-level of profound, philosophical thoughts. More or less, I saw colors better, my taste for food heightened, but I always felt sleepy.

    Is this "sleepiness" the so-called "high" people enjoy? Or perhaps I need to be more persistent and build up my tolerance?

    I know that for most people, they immediately enjoy whatever sensations comes from smoking. Is there anybody else out there who was someone like me and thus had to persistently smoke to finally get the epic high people talk about?

    Just some detail about me. I'm naturally extremely lethargic and have very little energy, and I don't like that feeling. Perhaps this is why the effects of marijuana are kinda lost on me. I've heard some say that it helps them slow down and relax. My mind-body state is already in this mode all day, and if I slowed down any more, I would probably fall asleep, thus the grogginess I'm feeling.

    So recently I started smoking more persistently again, to give weed another shot. I found a 25mg THC cookie from a year ago. Ate half of it and I saw colors improve for about fifteen minutes. The next day, I had some Kiva chocolate cover blueberries (20mg THC total). Felt nothing for the first hour. Second and third hour, I became progressively warmer. And then I was getting hot flashes for the next 8-10 hours, accompanied with cotton mouth and nausea. I passed out from feeling heavily sedated. It's been about 24 hours now, and I'm not getting hot flashes anymore, but I'm still extremely groggy.
  2. Try concentrates.
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    Try a sativa, or maybe a hybrid of some sort, I've smoked Girl Scout cookies and that was some good shit, I'd say during the day stick with more sativa dominated strains and at night for indica for relaxing and sleeping, ask the dispensary they'll help you in finding a good strain
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  5. Hang out with people while you're high.
  6. Being alone can make you sleepy
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  7. I never felt euphoric from Marijuana. I have more euphoria from alcohol. I like Marijuana because unlike alcohol, I am productive on Marijuana and I don't forget what I did last night. Im a fan of indicas, and for me Marijuana has more body high and clearer head than Alcohol. I enjoy being sleepy on Kush. I almost never wake and bake. My worry is that I eat too much junk food
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    What are you exactly expecting? This is weed colors will be enhanced, food taste better, and music sounds better. You wont hullucinate and see dragon-bearded-pitbulls with satchels or whatever lol.
    On a day off get high as soon as u wake up that way u are not tired. Maybe get some coffee up in that smoke sesh. Go play games, or something productive an not boring so u do not just go pass out.
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  9. Definitely agree with the coffee suggestion. Adds a nice balance to a too heavy high. But honestly weed isn't gonna make you "trip" if that's the idea you have. I don't see people running around saying it's addictive and shroomlike at all lol
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  11. Hit a grav bro. You're pussyfooting around with your intake methods. You've got to take this shit to the face if you want results.
  12. I second this. Never got as high as I did with a grav. Not even bho has done it. I maybe smoked a handful of times at the time, I took a fat ass grav hit and Everything went black. I could hear, just couldn't see anything lol. Highest I've ever been. It's not for new smokers though. Good luck.
  13. I think you're expecting too much from it. Grass is mellow at heart, no matter it be a sativa or indica it's not going to have extreme effects.
  14. not true. While green by itself is that way, there are many methods of improving the effects. Extraction, edibles, tincture, etc.
  15. Smoking too much probably. Just take a hit or two and walk around the block. If you're not giggling to yourself idk what else to tell you.
    Also it exemplifies your natural characteristics, if you're lazy you'll be lazier when high. Do something while burning
  16. People will tell you try different strains, and yes they definitely have different qualities to them. But if you don't "feel good" from one strain, and by that i mean the basic sensation of being stoned, then idk man. For me when i get blazed (if i don't get anxiety) i experience an increase in happiness, a more sociable behavior ( i can't seem to stfu despite being an introvert by nature) and just an overall feeling of calm, wellness and oddly enough a VERY strong connection to other peoples emotions around me.

    We are all different, the weed really brings out different things in different people and i think once enough information is out there now that marijuana is being seriously studied since passing the MJ dark ages. I think people will find some really interesting things about it. Good luck man.

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  17. Blue dream pt you to sleep? That is a serious uplifting and even twitchy strain. High sativa.

    It could not have been BD.

  18. You can tell when you're high you just know the feel, it doesn't make you just sleepy it changes your perception completely

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