When does a joke go too far?

Discussion in 'General' started by stoned_soldier, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. What's out of bounds in the humourish area? Voice your opinion!
  2. i had relpied ot a thread that was baout pedophil ejokes, and now its gone. amanita says she didnt close it but now i started a thread asking what happpend to the pedophile thread and she closed that too..
    so i guess thats going to far...
  3. i thin anything should go......but thats just me i know some people get affended more than i do

  4. I didn't close it, either.

    I deleted it.

    I knew that if I was getting physically sick from the jokes, with everything that I can put up with, that someone else was going to seriously freak and they did; I got a PM from a member while I was here alerting me to it...that's how I knew about it.

    I have no regrets and quite honestly, I didn't even have to explain why I did it. The only reason I did is because someone questioned something that I did and I'm the type to step up and answer.

  5. I feel the same way... If I can't stand it and *I get a pm from other members.. Then I will delete as well..

    Good job RMJL!
  6. this joke goes too far:

    whats the difference between black people and the wheels on a snow plough?

    the wheels on a snow plough don't scream when you put the chains on them.


    and paedofilia shit definately goes too far too... unless its a joke about how some kiddie rapist gets his head squished in a vice. hahaha.
  7. rmjl... to tell you the truth i wasn't complaining... i just wnated to know what happened, thanks for answermeing my question tho

  8. Completely understood and...you're welcome. :)
  9. firstly - I hate black people jokes, im white but live in the 'ghetto' u could call it, and basicly im the only white person who chills wit the whole group of black people, but they dont really give a fuck, my boy dion I told you all about awhile ago was a good black friend of mine, n it REALLY pisses me off when people tell those kind of jokes.

    R.I.P dion.

    p.s. pedo's are just as bad..worse actually.
  10. jokes that are at a persons expense...
    even if their cool w/ it
    if it hurts them in any way its not cool @ all

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