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When doctors ask: "Do you smoke?"

Discussion in 'General' started by Pngwyn, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. What do you say?

    Typically I say: "No, I don't smoke cigarettes", but I'm just wondering if when they ask you they mean any type of smoke inhalation?

    I'm recovering from foot surgery and my doctor asked to make sure I didn't smoke, but he didn't say if he meant only cigarettes or otherwise. I'm not really sure if there's anything about smoking weed that would hinder my recovery (bone fusion in my foot).. but I'm not the most knowledgeable on the subject so any input would be appreciated :smoke:
  2. il say yes. its a doctor not your mom. at worst theyll advise you not to smoke but nothing more than that.
  3. I say yes to both, but looking back, I sorta regret doing it because I have a weird feeling this sorta info gets into health insurance companies hands...

    Even more reason to worry with Obomacare and whatnot.
  4. I tell my doctor everything
  5. I guess I should do the same because there's doctor-patient confidentiality. I don't know.. I just never thought it was worth mentioning because I've always thought weed was harmless.

    And I just felt weird telling a foot doctor that I smoke weed... it seemed very irrelevant at the time, but I want to recover asap.
  6. Why not they don't care. Don't be a an idiot and be like "hey doc I smoke pot can you subscribe me"
  7. Don't jut say "yes" because they will assume cigs. Don't be afraid to tell him everything. Lying is literally a matter of life and death. You don't want bad reactions...
  8. I say... "smoke what?"

    Then they usually say something like, "cigarettes?" in a surprised tone.

    Then I say... "oh those, nope."

    Then they go on to probe my anal cavity.
  9. i got asked if i do alcohol/drugs and if i forget things when i do alcohol/drugs, on a sheet of paper. i circled yes. Then my indian doctor comes in the room, and asks what kind i do. i say cannabis, and he was cool, and just said don't drive on it. He asked nothing about frequency or anything... bet he puffs that hindu kush:smoke:
  10. Are you usually bent ova for that or do ya just like laying on your stomach? Cuz I like being on my stomach
  11. I always said cigarettes and weed. Then my doctor told me he wouldn't prescribe me anything addictive since I smoked weed, then he prescribed me Adderall and Xanax and my bladder stopped working. A++ doctor.

  12. Don't we all
  13. I prefer laying on my stomach too, it keeps me from getting hard with a finger up my ass. The last thing I need is some queer doctor trying to have sex with me.
  14. You sure?? ;)
  15. Look man if I was gay I wouldn't lay on my stomach to stop the boner.

  16. wait so you dont like health insurance companies or obamacare...
  17. Hell yea:cool:

    Exactly my friend I feel the same way
  18. Oh c'mon you guys do realize your doc wont just throw down PATIENT SMOKES MAD AMOUNTS OF CANNABIS in the same info that is released to Insurance Companies....

    They typically only see information about your Medication, and the diagnosis after your doctor is done with your visit. Like for example me, "Mechanical Lower Back Pain, Anxiety"

    Or if you get a flu vaccine or flu itself/cold, ear infection etc etc etc.

    I just go to a Gen. Practicioner anymore to get my anxiety meds, don't take BS "anti depressants" anymore, thank ...well Myself haha. He knows I smoke bud, I TELL HIM, why? Because there actually are medications...common medications you ALL may have to take when sick in SOME cases, that don't react "well" with cannabis....and can cause them to be useless or fuck with your dopamine/norepinepherine levels, not to mention serotonin.

    Tell your Dr's EVERY DAMN THING. Don't be such sketched out overly paranoid people, use the common sense we All have now...
  19. Haha thanks for the tip. I'm not really worried about insurance.. more like my doctor is this woman that reminds me of my mom and it feels super weird telling her I smoke when I'd never tell my mom that I did haha.

  20. [​IMG]

    when ever i go to the doctor; i tell em i smoke weed. but not in a direct sense. lol.

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