When do you work your abs?

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  1. My workout is already as long as it should be and I don't want to replace another exercise or two with abs. However I'm eating a ton of food and taking a mass gainer and don't want to get any significant belly fat. I have been trying to do ab exercises in the morning but it sucks. When do you guys do them?
  2. From what I know, our abdominal muscles are constantly working. You might not feel them contracting, but you work your abs when you do pushups, run, swim, lunge, squat, balance, play soccer, etc. There is no need to isolate them to contract them because if you work out hard enough (relying less on machines and more on dumbbells and barbells), then your abs will be strong. Also be careful if you still decide to isolate your abdominal muscles, because a lot of those types of workouts put a lot of pressure on your spine; especially situps (I'm a certified Lower Back Disorder Specialist).

    As far as belly fat; fat is first stored in the belly area, and also the place where it's last removed. Whenever you're consuming a large amount of calories over how much you spend in a day, then your body will start storing energy in your current fat cells. If you keep the trend up, your body will form new fat cells to store fat more efficiently. While you can reduce the size of your fat cells, you can't reduce how many fat cells you have. So every time you're in a bulking stage, you risk producing more fat cells. The more fat cells you have, the easier it will be to get fat next time you bulk; and the harder it will be to get rid of fat. And since fat is first stored in the belly and last removed from there; bulking is a lose-lose situation if you're worried about your belly area.

    Hope this helps, and good luck with your goals! Be safe and stay educated.
  3. I do ab workouts all day every day, gotta stay buff bro
  4. Make sure you have proper posture and subconsciously think about keeping your abs firm.

    I like doing them right after cardio, they don't take long 5-7 minutes.
  5. Working out your abs doesn't burn fat off of your belly bro.
  6. [quote name='"monopolyman"']Working out your abs doesn't burn fat off of your belly bro.[/quote]

    What does bro
  7. I have read plenty that said it is not possible to spot reduce.

    Just saying.
  8. During sex... but like the other post said doing specifically ab work outs won't burn the fat around the stomach but will help keeping it off. If you want to keep the fat off I would suggest a good diet, and cardio whether thats biking, running, and or swimming. Walking would be good daily atleast for 30 minutes. Also its going to be harder to tell whether you have abs or not underneath fat as you have abs you just can't see them.
  9. I was blessed with insane metabolism.

    Had an 8 pack since I was a child, along with ribs and skeletal structure visible lol. People thought I was malnourished but my parents had to visit costco once a week to keep me fed.

    Sex is probably best workout for abs, or not stuffing your fat face?
  10. When I lift weights.
  11. never, directly. just do compound lifts. and do worry about your abs until your strong as fuck anyway. skinny people with abs area bunch of bitches
  12. You have to reduce your overall body fat to lose it on your stomach. Spot fat burning doesn't work contrary to what infomercials will tell you. Belly fat is one of the last places your body burns fat from as well, which does not do anybody any good.
  13. I like to do abs at the end of workouts. Exercises for reps I keep at 25 or less, and add weight to keep the difficulty up. For stuff like planks I adjust time, and elevate my feet or place them on a ball.

    Abs are pretty much the definition of physical fitness. A fatty that lifts weights is still just a fatty.
  14. Cardio to show your abs. And you work your abs to get them bigger.

  15. *facepalm

    A skinny kid with abs is like a fat girl with big boobs. It doesn't count.
  16. a fat kid that lifts weights will break you over his knee
  17. I have pretty much eliminated the crunch/sit up and all of it's variations from my ab workouts. There are tons of other movements out there that are less stressful on the body and provide the same, if not better, results. Planks and plank variations are great, as are leg lifts.

    I use to do an ab workout everyday but I now only do one every other day. Allowing your core to rest is important.

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