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When do you super crop your plants?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by BBBAllDay, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. I am wondering when everyone super crops there plants? If you dont super crop is there a reason? or you just havent tried it? thanks for any feedback

    ps. i must be to high or something this is my 3rd try at this poll thing lol
  2. I supercrop about 2 weeks into veg on a clone. I supercrop and veg a extra month for a bigger yield. Usually if you SC right you get a dry 6-8oz's a plant.
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  3. I use a ScrOG, and never had a problem with filling my screen. So I haven't had to use the technique. Though I believe SC is a great technique.
  4. i only use SC if i run out of vertical room. otherwise LST FTW
  5. This is the first time I supercropped but I did it 1 week into flowering. It lead to compact buds and evened out my canopy. I would not supercrop past 2 weeks into flowering.
  6. What is super cropping? I searched for it and no threads came up that we're specifically about it... except this one of course

  7. the act of breaking the inner stem to allow more light to plant, control growth, and/or allow more nutes to the plant above the bend
  8. I have supercropped my last two crops with excellent results. I only veg for 3 weeks so I crop mine about a week before I flip to flower. The plants that I did super crop, had heavier buds all around, and evened out my canopy. They will correct themselves within 24 hours, but ususally within 3-4 hours. Soma swears by super cropping, and there's tons of info about him online, Google it.

  9. anyone super crop and lst?
    is it more effective to do one or the other?
  10. sure...usually i top...lst and supercrop in that order..what ever the plant needs...but do any of you guys supercrop purely to get more nutes to the buds..i usually supercrop only to redirect growth or control height:smoke:
  11. same i only super crop if they get too tall and ill always lst first super cropping is kinda a last resort for me im sure every grower dreads it as much as i do when you bend that branch a lil too much

  12. I'm pretty sure I know what u mean .... u got one tall ass plant out of the garden twist and bend stem a lil and stunts growth right? But that's bad for the plant right ? How does it get more nutrients to the top?
  13. photottropism is what allows LST to happen. Plants grow toward light, and when, in nature, something falls on the plat, it cant get light, so it has to grow around it. Forcing that to happen is lst.
  14. From 2-6 weeks pinch and rollin.:eek: I ALWAYS HAVE.
  15. this sensi skunk #1 was supercropped the first week of flower


    this one is 1 week behind and i supercropped her yesterday


    the amount of increased budsites is impressive and growth was hardly slowed down at all..plus increased vigor to top above where i supercropped..kinda like a human bone heals stronger where it was broken:smoke:
  16. so i decided to throw some big moms that i rooted clones from into flower...so i supercropped them and i was wondering how long do i have to wait b4 throwing them into flower?? I know sc stresses them and so does the switch and i dont want to put too much stress on these fem genes...so do you guys think 1 week is long enuf 2 wait after cropping them to let them recover b4 putting into flower?? how many budsites can be cropped?? i think i might have overdone it a bit...smoking too much hash! these ladies were big and i cropped like 15 or more branches and ouble cropped the main stalk...:confused::eek:
  17. here are some pics...the first 2 are chemdawgXG13 and the next 2 are powerplantXskunk#1...how do they look? did i crop them too much?? is a double crop off-limits?? shit man i get impulsive...
  18. hi there! by mitake i broke my plant 5 cm below the top with flowers on it!is it that bad or there is something to do? or its ok?ty and i will wait for a reply:)
  19. i super crop according to size. first time the plant is about 2 inches tall. then again at 4 inches tall. again at 8 inches tall and for a final time at 16 inches. after the last time super cropping i switch em to flower and no longer super crop (feel like it might take away from the energy used to grow buds). the way i super crop is at about every inch on the plant's stem and branches use both hands grab with index and thumb above and below the area twist hand on top (in case of branches farthest from stem) around 90 degrees. you should feel a slight snap. on greener areas (like tops or new growth) pinch the spot then turn hand 90 degrees and pinch again (not with your nails) should make your top kinda flop over. after im done the plants look a lil funny, most cases the leaves are all upside down and top flopped over. after about in hour under light you'll notice the leaves have returned to correct position and top is back to standing. after growth begins again you'll notice a branch begin to grow at every spot you've SC.
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    Why the poll? Is it harmful to do it at wrong time?
    If so, why is that (hermies/lower yield/what?).

    I've been supercropping all the way into week 3 of flowering (most of my grows).

    So I don't get the down-side to this, maybe I've been lucky.

    If you get hermies, there is no way to know why that happened (in most cases, IMHO). I seldom get hermies, if I do it's usually the late nanners that selfdom do any real harm.

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