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When do you munch out?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 5cooby Doo, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Do you like to blaze up and munch away right after?

    Or would you rather chill out for a while then eat?

    - I prefer #2 :smoke:
  2. getting high actually takes away my hunger for like 20 min, then i get the munchies and munch out
  3. I like smoking a few hits to get the buzz going. Then I munch out while watching tv I then I take a few more hits of the pipe or bong then play some computer games taking a few hits every so often.
  4. why the fuck you want to know
  5. Random for me.
    Somtimes I like to just toke and "eventually" eat.
    Or I'll plan it...something good being cooked? ORdering out?
    I'll get fucking baked just so I don't have to remember the faCt I just overkilled my stomach.
  6. I smoke up, and end up distracting my self with who knows what for about an hour before I realize, I'm hungry as shit. So I'd say usually an hour after getting high if I'm at home
  7. yeee i ALWAYS need to chilll out after i smoke and actually enjoy my high you know like listen to music or watch some tv or videos or have a conversation with people im with and then i eat after
  8. I smoke then eat as soon as i'm finished. Unless i forget I had food then I'll remember in the next 10 mins or so.
  9. I can eat alot right after toking and it'll taste amazing but it will kill some of my buzz and make me burnout quicker, or ill eat like a couple hours after hazing when im coming down because i will not stop eating and i can eat more then when im baked.
  10. if you dont like it, dont post here. nobody likes assholes

    Usually, i like to start food right after my sesh. for me its just part of the routine
  11. I like to chill for a bit and then munch out during my comdown
    I feel as if eating brings my high down?
    Could just be me
  12. Yea eating will bring down your high. Something about speeding up blood circulation or something idk.

    But i always chill. Unless i have been smoking all day/have a lot of weed and i already planned on eating. Then i toke up right before said meal. And then toke up right after.
  13. usually wait till im hungary then eat.. food always seems to be a buzzkill
  14. I tried this once. If you're at home and have the resources available, wake up and make a big ass breakfast. Eggs, toast, meat...the works man. Then get absolutely lit, come in and eat your beastly-ass breakfast that awaits you.

    It also works nicely the other way around.
  15. #2. i usually dont get hungry till my high is over or at least almost over
  16. I eat a lil bit before i medicate so i don't attack the Mac n cheese haha
  17. I usually chill for a bit until the hunger actually kicks in. Unless I'm hungry right off the bat, then I'll just munch away.
  18. I cannot go to sleep unless i eat a fourth meal late at night.

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