When Do You Fim?

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  1. Hello everybody,
    I've recently started a new grow, when do you FIM it?
    Why do people chose to TOP over FIM? I've read that FIMing gives you 4 Colas while TOPing gives you 2 colas, and also topping shocks the plant more than FIMing.. If FIMing has so many advantages over TOPing, why do people still TOP their plants?
    Cheers  :bongin:

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    i guess its all just a matter of preference really.  i prefer topping my plants.  i like to top my plants around the second or 3rd week of vegging.  You can FIM around this time too.  beware though whether you top or FIM, your plants will need to veg for a couple extra weeks.  prob a little less time when you FIM
    whether you top or FIm you never know how many top colas your really gonna get,,, you can get like 8-10 top colas when you FIM, and sometimes you may get more than two top colas when you top, it all depends on the genetics of the strain really
  3. good info charles! i was just reading up on the subject of fimming and i believe i shall fim then top my new plants when they are big enough.
  4. Hey Charles thanks for you answer, I still didn't understand why you would prefer toping your plants over fiming them...
    Also, is it possible to FIM more than once?
    Thanks :)
  5. I prefer to top and clone the tops also I have gotten more then two main colas from topping.
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    the reason i like to top is because sometimes this dumb crap happens when you FIM look closley at the plant to the far left....
    i FIMmed all those plants and that one really bugged me.  thats why i like to top it may not seem like a big deal to some, thats why its just a matter of preference on topping or FIMming
    View attachment 589812
    yeah you can FIM as much as you want, the plants just need time to recover before you start flowering
    i topped this plant a few times i dont remember how many times exactly
    View attachment 518008
  7. Nice.. I still don't know if I'll FIM or Top though... but those are beautiful pictures thank you for sharing man
  8. no prob, i hope the info i gave helped you out

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