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When do jobs tell you you'll be drug tested?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kaieousness, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. hey grasscity,
    i have a friend who's getting her first real job soon! she's hopefully going to be working for enterprise rent-a-car. i found mixed answers online about whether or not they drug test but she quit about two weeks ago as a precaution.
    apparently they told her she'd be getting a job offer "in the next few days" so the interview process is over. she submitted a form for a background check already.
    she's going to be working part-time until the summer when she graduates and they move her up to full-time. (side-note: do you think they'll drug test her for that, if they do drug testing?)

    so my question is... when do you normally find out whether or not a job is going to drug test you? when do they let you know? or is it just "by the way go pee in this"? when would it be safe to assume they're not going to do it? and is there a professional way to ask them if you're going to be drug tested? (something vague along the lines of "are there any other conditions for employment" maybe?)
  2. If the person is actually your friend, then they should figure it out for their self... Hopefully that didn't come off as rude or anything, but that's really how it boils down.

    If your "friend" is you, then just so you know, you don't need to speak in the third person on grasscity, its safe here. lmao
  3. it's my roommate and usually my smoking buddy so i want her back lol. she doesn't have an account here so i told her i'd ask. >< it would be good for me to know anyway though! i'm not graduating until next year but we're in the same field and i'll be getting a "real" job someday.
  4. i am pretty sure they do because i think they have to drive sometimes.. to pick people up and drop them off so that is a liability for the company.
  5. I am white collar so it would only occur before starting a job. Who knows maybe I could get an exemption as a MMJ card holder?

  6. Things changed. I worked there in 96 and no test. Hell everyone there is an alcoholic anyway so why do they care. Frat house.
  7. when is a pre-employment screening? before or after the job offer?
    is that a stupid question idk
  8. The application form should talk about drug tests, as you have to consent to one on it if they dt.

  9. The urine test will usually be a couple days after the interview.

  10. After job offer, pretty much the exact same time. They send you offer and say go get a test.

  11. Which is what I need to stop and drink Super Clean P.

  12. That's about it; they don't want to waste money on the test until they're ready to hire you.

    But sometime during the application and interview process, they'll tell you that it's a condition of employment.

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