when do i start the flowering stage?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by pwh5000, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. I have 1 mother plant and 1 cone from her. Right now she's about a foot tall and I don't know how old that would make her cuz I got it as a legal med. clone from the Dr.
    Anyone ever heard of the strain its a 15th gen. Gluadia, the Dr. said it wuz the best stuff in the house!
    How do I know if its a indica or sativa or what.
    Anyway if you could speculate on th eage of the mother and tell me when the best time to go to 12\12 would be a big help and any othe rpointers would be good to thanx.
  2. depends on the lighting how old the mother is, and how many times she's been topped, i'd guess an average plant at 12" tall is approx 4-5 weeks old, well mine are by that time, as for the strain.....never heard of it, neither has cannagenetics, but lots of medical strains are like that.......indicas grow small and have short bushy growth and leaves.....while sativas grow very tall fast and have big long leaves.....can you post a pic?.......as for when to flower.....depends on your set-up....ie growspace etc......Peace out.....Sid
  3. right now i have all the grow space i want because im legal to grow so im growing right in the living room so i can watch it grow while watching t.v.

    ive got it in the corner by my desk with a 8 inch circular floro on it, and a little fan blowing on her too, my clone is in a 10 gallon fish tank with a 12" floro and plastic for the top its 82 degrees in there
    i hace a hps setup but i still need a condenser that i havn't picked up from the store yet (shame on me right) but its going under that soon as possible.
    its been toped twice the 1st time was our 1st try at a clone; sarrowfull death was the result but a week later after some research on cloning we toped it again for the 2nd clone.
    Succsess i think its been 15 days and its not died yet
    ill try to post pics later i have to score my friends camera PEACE
  4. You can put them into flowering anytime after they reach 12 inches tall

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  5. It's cool I'm Just having a very bad day here and all i was trying to do is help

    I just smoked a bowl I feel better, what can i say but sorry
  6. I'm not sure what was said but I'm sure he didn't mean to disrespect you Dutaz...now let's all smoke a bowl together.
  7. yeah, whatever was said should be put in the past, no shouting, we're all just one big family.....hey dutaz i'll light up a big bowl for you, and maybe it'll calm us both down as i'm having a horrible friday at work......good karma to everyone......Peace out.....Sid

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