When do I start feeding nutrients? (first grow w/ pics updates)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ItwasAllaSetUp, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Newbie here:

    When do i start feeding my plant nutrients? any food i can get from HomeDepot?

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  2. You should feed at around 3 weeks, and I would order nutrients online. For around $50 you can get a 3 part fox farm pack, It will last you a couple grows.
  3. use small amount of superthrive mabe 1/4 of suggested dose
  4. I will order my nutes online then,Thanks
  5. it has been feeding light 24hrs but i want to feed w/ lights 18/6 should i start that now or wait?
  6. by feed you mean leave the lights on i think, and yes if you want to switch you light cycle to 18/6 should do it now, the sooner the better unless you are flowering. That a whole dif realm
  7. Started my 18/6 today this is how my baby is looking...
    please comment :(


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  8. IMO, nutes are nutes no matter what brand, so unless if going organic, I'd buy a cheaper nute set than FF that has the same chemicals, but ff stuff is usually Ph balanced which is a cool bonus

    And what soil are you using ? If ffof I'd probably wait 5-7weeks before adding any extra because the soil is already loaded
  9. sit back and be very calm. you can prepare for nutes when you hit flower, feed 1/4 the amount suggested on the container a week before flower to prep. then step it up.
  10. What ya'll think? how is my baby looking?


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  11. Looking good so far~ just wanted to add my .02 worth about nutes. I agree to wait because there are nutes in most soils (MOST soils, like FFOF, etc.). And I always start nutes @ at least 1/4 - 1/8 strength and go from there. Better to under feed then over I always say.
  12. hows it doing now?
  13. I got Alaska Fish Fertilizer from home depot, all organic it seems to work well. I use it for the veg cycle, and I got a sack of pure jamaican bat guano for my flowering stages lol huge buds!
  14. lookin good, your gonna wanna stop feeding nitrogen in a week or two and up your phosphorus and potassium. they have super bloom at armstrong and homedepot its 12-55-6 idk if your trying to go organic though but thats what i use to use. just make sure u flush a week before u harvest and you'll be good

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