When do I flower this?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by KamelRedLight, May 27, 2006.

  1. This is my first ever grow. My plant is about 8 inches tall right now, and sprouting its 7th node leaves (about 1 inch long now). It's about a month and a week old. My question is when is it safe or advisable to put it into flowering? I don't want a huge plant, maybe between 2 and 3 feet at harvest at the most. Is it just a bushy plant (maybe more indica) or do I just have an average short plant, cuz 7 nodes in 8 inches sounds pretty bushy to me. And lasty, at the hieght I'm lookin for, can anyone gimme an idea of what I'd see as a yield? Thanks for any input.
  2. For a 2-3foot plant,flower at a 12in tall. It will get about 2x bigger when you flower it,Whats your setup?
  3. The truly best time to flower is after the plant starts alternating nodes but that may not happen until it is too tall. Should be fine at around the 1 foot mark as BAGZ said.

    Better yet, LST the plant and then flower later so you will control the height and get a bigger yield.
  4. well this being my first plant i didn't really wanna go crazy on it. LST looks like it takes quite a bit of time to get the plant to grow like that, and I was hoping to flower my plant soon because I don't even know if I have a girl! And growth is already at a standstill from a transplant. Unless...I can LST during flowering?
  5. You can tie down a plant to a limited extent during flower, I would not truly LST as in crush and bend the main stem. My first grow I realized after the initial burst of height in early flower that I was going to run out of room, and tied I tied her down gently to create a sloping/incline main stem, worked very well.
  6. Well I believe it's in shock right now for a little root damage that occured in the transplant I just did, so should I wait to tie it down or is it safe to do so now? It's a pretty sturdy stem, despite not using a fan. I just used to poke it around to toughen it up.
  7. Since your issue is height I would wait just a couple of days at least. If it truly is in shock it won't be growing any height in that time.

    If the stem is strong, great. But FYI, a stem is strengthened by growing under the constant lightly varying pressures that a fan creates, not by poking at it for 30 seconds a day.
  8. Ok I think I know what to do now. Soon as growth starts I'll start gently sloping the stem, and flower probly in a couple weeks. Thanks for all the advice!

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