when do i add co2?

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  1. when do i add co2? to a grow room and for how long (meaning in weeks...i have 45 cubic feet so i know like 5 min an hour is fine)? im having a hard time understanding
  2. i found the answer...thanks i guess

    Some growers add C02 to their grow rooms to increase growth rate. This has proved itself to be effective in many experiments. C02 supplementation also helps the plants withstand higher temperatures of up to 95 degrees without slowing down growth. There have been complaints however, that C02 supplementation during flowering reduces potency. Therefore, C02 should be stopped when the lights are turned to 12/12.
  3. A plant always needs CO2. I honestly don't think it's that important for beginners to worry about supplementing CO2 for their first few grows. Yes, it can increase yields, but your plant will grow fine without supplementary CO2.

    Flowering is when it really benefits from the added CO2.
  4. OVER supplementing can be a problem, but a plant needs CO2. Trust me when I say, the best growers I've ever known supplement CO2.

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