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When did you start smoking?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mietoe, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. For me it was the summer between 7th and 8th grade, so 13 i guess. and i only took a few hits, but later in 8th grade i was smokin semi-regularly. so 13-14 for me? what about you?
  2. hmm...I think it was back in 99'. I could be wrong :D
    I took a water bottle, some silly putty, a bic pen, and tinfoil and made a bong to smoke with...crushed a whole bunch up, sat down, smoked, smoked, smoked, finally tried to stand up..that didn't last too parents asked why my eyes were so red and I said I was to stay home the next day. :D
  3. I started when i was 13. I've never been a regular smoker. I smoke for a week or 2 and then take a month or two break with an exception for last month. I was high almost everyday all day in january.
  4. My first time was when I was 11 (Story is on here somewhere, my friend's older brother was watchin, whipped out bong, asked if we wanted to, said yes) But I had only smoked a few times between 11-14, I became a regular smoker at 14 and by 15 I was a complete pothead
  5. I was older then most when i first started i was 16. my good friend who happened to live next door started and one time he asked me if i wanted too. he had tried for along time almost a month non stop. so one day i started hitting his older brothers old pipe.
  6. It was when I was in 4th grade that I had my first tokes. It's pretty freaky though because now I'm out of school and I smoked with my friend and his 3rd grade brother! I thought I started young.
  7. i cant remember exatly... but i think it was around 11...the 1st time i smoked, i smoked everyday after that for 3 months i guess i was like an instant pothead...
  8. First time I smoked was on my 18th birthday. I had been drinking since 6th grade(about 12), but I had never smoked. After that, I was stoned 24/7 for 2 weeks straight, didn't take that much weed though since it only takes 1 bowl for me to be stoned for 3-4 hours. Now I usually smoke about 3-5 times a month. I love it when I'm stoned, but for some reason the after effects last for at least 24hrs, sometimes up to 3 days after if I had smoked a shitload that night. The after effects aren't fun at all either, I just feel weird, not quite sober, and I can't really concentrate on anything. I have found a quick way to come out of it though, it'll make my head clear right away, just smoke a bit of salvia :) It'll give me a little trip(it takes 4-5 hits of 15x to give me a real trip) and my head will be completely clear in 20 minutes.
  9. started when i was 7th or 8th grade or something... became a 2-3 times/week smoker by grade 10
  10. I got high first time when I was 9 with my sister. She was babysitting (kinda) and her friends came over and loaded us in there car and they hotboxed it. Was a kickass feeling for not doing anything but riding. Started smoking steady when I was 15.
  11. I first smoked up in when I was about 14. After that, I smoked my way through "high" school. When I got to college, I quit for about a year and a half. Now,at age 25, I am a full time pothead.

  12. same here! we were having a beach party to celebrate school getting out
  13. how many times is a lot, i was smoking like 3 times a week before i got grounded now im down to once a week? i know thats not pothead but what do u think is like a lot?
  14. grade 9.... fucked up in foods class..... best ever
  15. I think I smoked for the first time when I was 14...I didnt really get high and then prob. smoked like once or twice after that. Buttt....last summer, right before my freashman yr at college, my boyfriend at the time was a huge stoner. I pretty much spent the entire summer stoned at the beach....which was amazing come to think of it.....god im so stoned right now i dont even know what i am talking about....but anyway, right when I got to school I found chill ppl to smoke with, and smoke pretty thouroughly throughout the day about 5 or 6 times a week, it sucks when you all of a sudden have to start paying for your weed :/
  16. first time i ever smoked weed i was 10....i didnt really start smokin until highschool though, proally around 15 or 16 yrs old.
  17. 1985-86 too long ago for me to remember
  18. started in grade 10.
  19. i started smoking in grade 8, when i was 13. it took me about 6 months, till i was right in the middle of my first summer vacation with weed as my partner to become a full time pot head. but i never looked back. I wonder if high school would have been any easier had i never been baked for it? I always kicked ass when i was stoned...

    once i came in totally ripped off my ass, and we had an hour to write a persuasive essay about ANY topic. I chose to take my motivation from the book Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers.

    My essays title: "The Ents (tree people) Should Have Killed The Hobbits.

    I wrote about 800 words on why the Ents would have advantaged had they just killed the hobbits immediately instead of helping them. Got me an A on that bad boy...

    I wrote alot of essay about professional wrestling in high school. i love essays when im stoned, I can write about anything. I got an A on an essay once, my topic for that one: Rob Van Dam (of ECW and WWE fame) and why he should of had a Title shot at that months pay per view :D

    damn those were good days...
  20. When I was 18. In the backseat of my friend's car in a parking lot. Excellent night of weed and McDonalds!

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