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When Dealing with Police

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mos_def, May 9, 2010.

  1. Good summary of rights during a police encounter. Remember people, use them or lose them. I've seen way too many cases of people getting busted because they got intimidated into a search or lied to by police.
  2. i'm afraid of the police, they can make up bullshit if they want though
  3. good find. +rep for that one!
  4. i think the most important part is "am i free to go, and if not why am i being detained"
  5. You have to remember tho that cops WILL lie and WILL break the law if they have too becasue when your in court no one is going to believe the arrested stoner over the cop, so cops can basically do whatever they want. Basically, remember your rights, and be cooperating and nice to the cops, if you don't act like a douchebage to the cops, they won't be a douchebag to you.
  6. Can't be in AZ without an I.D. anymore if you're a minority ><

  7. fuck arizona
  8. lol'd @ what to do when you see someone being arrested. could you imagine if everyone actually did that? cops would be terrified to make arrests.
  9. that's the point, to make sure they don't do anything abusive or illegal to someone .
  10. Bah, give me a break, you pretty much can't be anywhere without ID these days, regardless if it's technically against the law or not. The alternative to not having or refusing to show ID is pretty much a pain in the ass (haul you downtown to ID you) anyway.
  11. Only if you invaded our country illegally, and frankly in MANY places if you don't have proper ID when asked they can pick you up.

    "Your paper's please."
  12. Heh, i love the cops here in Canada. You get stopped for weed they either let you go because another misdemeanor charge is a waste of their time, or they will ask you if they can have some haha (Actually Happened).

    Unless they find over an ounce, then it's trafficking, and minor jail time. :hello:
  13. haha those cops sound sick
  14. lol this poster brings up some good points though.

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