When Are You Putting Clones Outside?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by SmokeUhTon, May 27, 2013.

  1. whaddup blizades? Temps in new york have been all over the place past few weeks nd was going to put some of my shit out on june 1st but its still gettin too cold at nights nd even during the day
    when are you movin your ladies outside east coast?

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    i'm waiting until mid-june or so. still way too cold at night (without cloud cover anyway) here in maine.

    basically, when we get a week or so of 60 degree nights without cloud cover, they're goin' outside.
  3. yea prolly doin same time as you homie, you veggin your clones inside first?
  4. sorta. my friend and i go in on seeds in december or january, he starts them at his place and i get all the clones i could want, when i want them.
  5. right on man, i some 100% sativas that finish in 8 weeks nd man, i wish i vegged a clone for a couple months before i put that bitch outside, i want that 20foot slut to look up at ahaha
    what are you growin this season?

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