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when applying Budswell..

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by HippieGardner, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. does anyone have a good method. i have just been using it by the teaspoon on the soil. i would love to know a recipe for how to "tea" it or something like that. if anyone can help please let me know...

    +rep thank you so much
  2. HippieGardner

    Are you talking about the Budswel dry products or the Budswel Super Tea products?


  3. ld- i think he may be referring to the guano company's dry fertilizers.

    hippiegardner- i used to use the guano company products for my grows too. i mixed 2-3 T. per gallon of water and then water as normal. im sure you could include a couple of tablespoons as part of an actively aerated compost tea if that's something you're interested in trying out. check out chunkdaddyo's sig, he's got a nice simple recipe and instructions. then just mix and match ingredients according to what you have available and you should come up with a kick ass brew for your girls. good luck and have fun!:D
  4. I'm a bit embarressed to show my noviceness, if that's a word, but I had a friend that used that budswel tea all the time, his buds came out great. What confuses me though is that, it is high in nitrogen, I thought that wasn't good for budding. I'd ask him but he died a few years back.

    What am I missing here? I use Dr. Earth dry bat guano in my soil, but I usually add it to the upper layers when I mix it, I mix the high P & K nutes in the lower layers. SHould I be adding more guano to the lower layer or does it matter?
    Should I be making a tea with the guano and water throughtout the grow?

  5. gacland- the guano company also makes "supertea", that's probably what you're thinking about. that's the one that's high in N to use during veg. budswel is a low N, higher in P blend and for use during flowering. there are various n-p-k ratings for guano depending on where the bats live and what their diet consists of. the dr. earths and eb stone varieties are a higher N variety(probably mexican bat guano) and are more suitable for veg, jamaican and indonesian bat guanos aree higher in p and k and better for flower.
  6. btc, I'm not sure, all I know it was a liquid in a gallon jug with a yellow label that said "budswel". Which, when something is called BUDSWEL you think it must mean what it says. Although I remeber a high N number, maybe I never eally looked at the others that well. Just saw another brand of this stuff in a local grow stroe, that is made by Farmer John.

    I'll have to further invetigate this, thank you.

  7. yeah, what im telling you is that the stuff with the yellow label, budswel is not high in n. the formula that's high in n is supertea. no need to investigate...
  8. Roger that, I'm on it.

  9. no worries, its good shit too. your girls will love it.

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