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When and how much does a plant smell?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by danksywa, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. hey fellow dank brothers,
    got a couple of questions:
    1) Does a plant smell more when its flowering?
    2) Is a big plant going to smell more than a little one?
    The reason i ask:
    Myself and my mate travel the same roads to work everyday back and forth (couple of highways and a freeway).
    We both recently got our motocycle licence's and started to comute to work on our bikes, when you start riding you smell alot more shit.. trucks, shit car exhaust smell, stinky industrial areas, and there is really no way you can shut off the smells coming inside the helmet.
    Being a daily smoker, i started get a strong whiff of dank in my helmet on one of the highways i take to work, at first i thought nothing of it, probably someone just having a spliff and i happened to catch a whif.
    But after riding everday i started to notice it around the same area at different times, So i told my mate who takes the same way to work (ealier in the morning) and he said he could also smell it in the same area.
    I haven't stopped to have a look, because its a 100km road and traffic is quite heavy in the area.
    But im beggening to think that there may be a plant or plants hidden along the bushside in the area, its a pretty smart spot to put it, next to a bridge and on a highway, noone ever would visit the area by foot unless they intended too...
    Hence why im curious to know if plants have a strong smell - do you think i might be smelling a plant hidden in the bushes?

  2. Only has the typical weed smell when flowering, depending on strain ect.
    On a warm windy day you might smell it from 100 yards away.
    Its definitly warm and windy where we are here in Australia, might just be smelling someone lighting up, but the amount of times in the small amount of area just seems a bit too much for it to be coincidence.
    ill go scope out the area anyway, cops just pulled up 36 adult size plants in the same sort of area so i wouldnt be surprised if there was a couple more skattered around the joint.
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    I'm assuming you're somewhere around the blue mountains? I saw the bust on the news last night haha.

    In light of that though.. I would be cautious about trying to find it - that task force will likely be looking be looking for more grows and you don't want to get caught at a grow that isn't even yours!

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    man, i wasnt even aware that they mountains got raided, just looked up the story then haha.
    but nah im here in Perth, yeah i know what you mean about getting caught but its in a pretty in conspicious spot so i might check it out anyways - hopefully i dont die
  6. maaaaaaaaybe but id think youd pass by the plant(s) too quick unless there just tons of them all down the stretch.

    if anything id bet on it being some wild ditch weed growing. even so, if theres enough of them you may be able to get a small batch of hash if you process them all, but probably not worth the chance of getting caught
  7. It all depends on the STRAIN
  8. My last northern lights had very little smell even late flower. Some strains stink, some are fruity and some have very little smell at all.
  9. What you should do is get a big baggy. Fill it with whatever bud you can. Its wild so you might be able to find some seeds. So grab those to. Depending on the quality you could choose to smoke, make edibles or hash. With the seeds you also got for free plant them and grow you own plant. Man I'm baked
  10. There is a certain type of normal bush that smells just like bud. They have them at my local bank lol.

    Kottonmouth Kings

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