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Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Dec 7, 2001.

  1. mines,....whoever my boys ARENT rooting for that day. and acourse cuteness counts too.

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  2. 69 sorry about that! J.G.24. I like the way he crashes the other drivers to try and win!
  3. an they call him krusty walrus...

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  4. finding a fav after my man bought it last Febuary! I like Jr.(#8) but I don't know if he'll ever measure up to his dad. As for that 24 dude, he looks just like Speedracer! I don't think he's real. Every time there's a big wreck around him, he seems to always drive thru unscathed! Just pisses me off!

    Where were you at? I've been to Texas once, but friggin mile and half tri ovals get pretty damn boring. I wanna go to Bristol for the Saturday night race!

    A hunter, a fisherperson, and a race fan?
    I'm thinkin dreamgirl!

  5. you were thinking maybe i was LYING?...lol hhm.
    the race was a few years ago in one of those carolinas, eh charolette...eeeh, lowes motor speedway :)....gordie blew up his engine about halfway thru he was near the lead when this happened of course...BUT he did make many nice laps in which it LOOKED like he was running first. we were supposto go to bristol this year BUT our childrin said they would NOT go to school naked so we had to purchase clothing instead. although brag-brag-brag....*cougha friend is quite a friend to the jackman in 'someones' pit crew.now this entitles this friend to special things and my husband DID show this man my boobs (that was funny) better than 25cents i guess-PIT PASSES. im thinking that makes my man a pimp?...now me ida showed em to HIM for free :)BRISTOL NEXT YEAR HERE WE COME!!!!!
    peace an hugs

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