Whats YOUR way to mount cfls?

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    I know somebody out there that uses cfls to light their plant has a cleaver way of mounting them on. My problem is that i need to mount a lot of cfls my a group of plants and aren't really sure of the best thing that i could buy to this. I got 8 plants that i'm putting through veg indoors. Any suggestions guys?
  2. Here's what I did. Simple to make, bout $35-40 worth of crap from Home Depot. PVC, fittings, lamb bases, 1/8" bolts w/ washer &nut, 4 hooks, and 8ft lamp cord. I folded/glued the reflector shape out of a cardboard box and glued mylar to the inside.

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  3. If you can run the cords out through the top of your grow space, the cords won't be hanging in the area and will be out of the way. You may need longer cords to do this.
  4. I have 6 23 watters on each plant two on the top and 4 in the middle around the plant.
  5. ive got 12 - 26w - 2700k and 3 - 43w - 2700k and 1 26w 6700k heres a couple pics, mostly i used duct tape and 1" wood and some electrical stuff ( power strips, ac outlet to lamp sockets ) total power is like 467watts and like 6 fans placed around the lights and plant to keep things cool

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  6. I have those light sockets with the long cord that are made from hanging from the ceiling.

    3 Y splitters and you can screw in 4 cfl's. so you have these nice little 4 light chandeliers which are easy to adjust.

  7. Well, i went to home depot today and bought 8 23w and i found this 5 way splitter and thought it would be perfect for my lights so i bought it.

    I'm also gonna hook them up to a power strip, and i also have like a metal dish (i don't know the actual name of it,) that i'm gonna put one in, so i'll have like 8 lights on my plants. Gonna be nice :cool:
  8. here's mine...it's worked well.

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