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Whats your Walk Score?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by GanjaHaze, May 24, 2010.

  1. 35/100
  2. :Di got a 0

    i live in the suburbs outside of columbia, but far enough out that all there is near me is neighborhoods, the nearest stores are 30 minute to an hour walk depending on how hot it is (although only a ten minute drive)

    however, i say its very walkable, as long as your destination is nature blunt smoking :hello:
  3. 8/100 but the only thing in walking distance is a cow field and gold course haha

  4. word i got a five, thanks to bumfuck Pennsylvania
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    74 out of 100

    82% of the people in my town have a higher walk score. But I live where the dank is so I guess it doesn't matter. I live at the edge of the black hole I guess.
  6. The place I'm at now is a 34 which is pretty terrible for the town I'm in.

    But I'm moving soon, the new place is a 94. So just a bit of improvement. :rolleyes:
  7. 65/100 :)
    i love in Maple, Ontario! I guess having Wonderland so close really boosts my score.
  8. 82/100 not to bad :D
  9. 91/100

    I'm in a pure college neighborhood, so it makes sense.
  10. Walk Score: 3 out of 100 — Car-Dependent
  11. 48, should be better imo.
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  13. Haha i got a 32, except I literally live within a minute walking distance of the beach. Which I think is a whole lot better than being next to a movie theatre.
  14. 9, sounds about right, i'm in the middle of f-ing nowhere!:mad:
  15. I got a 9. And that's true.
  16. 29/100, "car-dependent."
  17. I believe i got a 54/100
  18. I got a 6 out of 100. Im surprised its not a 1 honestly. The closest store is at least a half hour walk.
  19. 23

    suburbs are no fun

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