Whats your Walk Score?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by GanjaHaze, May 24, 2010.

  1. I got a 14. But honestly it should be lower, the only thing within walking distance of my house is a gas station, and that's a huge trek.
  2. 6/100 no joke

    No roads, no police ;)
  3. I got an 82! wooh for walkability!
  4. 94 bitches. what What!
  5. got a 75, but how is a 7-11 a "grocery store."

    I would give it more like a 40, NOT a 75.

  6. yeah i think it counted a laundromat on mine.
  7. hahaha 83....should be 100% tho i dont see why its not, you can walk from north to south boulder in 30 mins, and within that range, is all of boulder....i guess i cant walk to...a theme park...or perhaps the ocean hahahahahhahhaha
  8. My parents house which has a ton of shit around it got a 2/100

    I think maybe they don't know as much as they think they do!
  9. 88, should be 50. They go as the crow flies, and that just isn't how things work here:mad:
  10. 20/100, damn.
  11. 22/100. Seems fitting.
  12. 51/100

    Pretty good.. got a nice path to walk and a golf course. Good shit :smoke:
  13. lol my score is a 2, compared to a 49 average, and 84 for the highest tenth percentile.

    It's true as fuck too, farmville indiana

  14. hey im from socal and i got a 15 also :poke:
  15. Only a 54/100, however I normally walk to a ton of places around my neck of the woods (I can think of atleast 30 buildings that should be attractions on here that are within a mile of my house). This thing is really off imo.
  16. Walk Score: 51 out of 100 - Somewhat Walkable

    Pretty correct, a little more suited for bikes.
  17. 0/100

    just because a store is 5 miles away doesn't mean the area you live in is unwalkable.

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