whats your "thing"?

Discussion in 'General' started by botanist al, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. Everyone has a "thing". Like your hobby or intrests. Mine is BMX i love it, cant help but ride almost everyday its great. No doubt most of us here has pot as their "thing" but what else do you do?
  2. im a roofer...so that is most of what i do

    but my thing is being in the wilderness...hiking or canoeing ...backpacking and camping ..i would live in the forest far from assholes if i could...
  3. i build houses and love to go bass fishing
  4. liqour,fishing,food,mind altering substances and music.
  5. I go up to the skate park on my bike with some friends but i havent any time soon. To me i think smokin the Herb is my Hobby :)
  6. i love skiing
    i love skiing so much i stop grass from a month so i can pass a drug test so my rents will but me a seasons pass for the year
  7. pizza, pot (of course) donuts are always good, i play music (bass guitar in a band...our name is Banana Bob and the Leprechauns(sp?)(does sp? mean how do you spell this? or somehting) yah...i know that bananas and leprechauns...whatever...dont go to gether, thats the point) ok so anyway...cant go wrong wiht listening to music (unless your music sucks...LOL) i like to go camping with my friends, cuz its a good place to get nice and stoned (DUDE! espcially in the bounardry waters in canada...that place is fuckin sweet, cept for when you have to carry the coanoe over the fuckin hills to the next lake, but its fun smokin in the canoe...until your friend drops your pipe...good thing i didn tlike it and it sucked...but htas another story!) ok and...i dont htink this is very typical stoner...or very typical at atlll...but i like to read (meh...i dont care what you thinK!) and umm...WOO!
    (yes...there are a lot of spelling errors...i didnt bother to go back and get them all...but trust me...it woulda been a lot worse)
  8. OH SHIT!...i was gonna say this funny joke (i think its funny)_ that my "thing" is my penis...get it? LOL!

    im sorry :(

    LOL ><

    (thats a face...laughing...)
  9. music too, i forgot that one...METAL! and surfing the net a bit too. work, school....
  10. paintball, snowboard, game on the pc, and listen to music
  11. my "thing" is star gazing, especially moon gazing...but you already have figured that out, I'm sure. :)
  12. most of all i love to smoke before doing anything.. well.. most things.. sometimes i need full mental capacity and have a different state of mind..but then its paintball, gotta love it!!! and i like chillin with my friends.. makin/listening to music.. sports are fun... and thinking of fun new ways to get out of work..
  13. To the average person I suppose I would be a metalhead stoner guitarist.
  14. Amateur Wrestling!!

    I looooooooooooooove fake wrestling. Soooo much fun. ive been of a fan of wwf since its glory days. I dont know why? the drama is annoying, but the wrestling is an art form!!
  15. weed, music... i play drums, guitar, bass, piano and throat.. love the music... i'm one of them metalheads...
    i like reading stuff and writing poetry(especially when high)
  16. Guitar, trying to learn to play the piano, smoking pot, reading when sober, trying to learn deutsch, and finally smoking pot.
  17. chillin with friends, building stuff, going to school to learn how to build better stuff, getting stoned, listening to music, occasional ruckus of differant types, going to parties down town, sitting on my roof and watching the sun set. wishing i lived in cali :)
  18. Vidoe games, toys, comics, cartoons all that geeky stuff.

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