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  1. Post your height ,weight, and lifting stats.

    147 lbs

    max bench 205
    10 rep max 160

    squat 265 x 1
    185 x 10

    shrugs with barbell 215 x 10 idk what my max is. As of now my lower body is my weak spot. By spring I want to have my squat up to 345 and my bench up to around the 250 mark.
  2. Male.
    6' 180lbs.

    Bench 245
    Squat 350
    Deadlift 375
  3. Female
    5'6" 110 lbs.

    Bench the bar
    Squat not even the bar, invisible-pretend bar
    curl 20 lbs

    Im pretty ripped, I know.
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    6'0" - 165lbs

    Max Bench: 210lbs
    Max Leg Press: 400-ish (After I injured my knees. Prior to my injuries I was leg pressing over 1,000lbs)
    Max Squat: 300lbs
    Crunch Machine: 310lbs+ (the machine I use only goes to 310)

    EDIT: For the record, I'm skinny as shit. I can fit through a wire coat hanger, lmao. I'm much stronger than I look. :devious:
  5. 6 foot 2
    190 lbs.
    Bench - 235lbs, 250 lbs when stoned
    Squat - 425 lbs
    Leg Press- 500 lbs
    Curl - 135lbs

    Im a starting small forward so yeah i gotta keep my weight up for basketball.
  6. I mostly lift because I'm only 5'6. I don't wanna be short and skinny.

    I havn't grown since 10th grade (now Sr in college) but managed to go from around 115 to 147lbs.
  7. Male
    140 lbs
    bench: 190
    squat: 220

    man i didnt realizer how much people can bench press, i need to bulk up some:eek:
  8. i work in kg's so you'll have to convert lol

    20 years young

    bench 120kg
    leg press 180kg
    deadlift 250kg
  9. Bench: 225
    Squat: 305
    Deadlift: 350

    Age 18
    Height 5' 11''
    Weight 165 pounds
  10. I don't do any of this shit, atleast not often enough to know what it is off by hand, but I am 5'11 and a solid 195 pounds. Im practicing on the more technical aspects of fighting right now, since thats what requires the most work. I could go to the gym and get all jacked and ripped in 4 weeks, but the techincal shit takes ages to develope.
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    Well I'm not very 'strong' compared to others but I'm in great shape!

    5'7" 125-130 pounds (extremely hard for me to gain weight)
    19 years old on Jan 7th.

    Max Bench: 150lbs
    Max Squat: 160lbs
    Max Dead lift: 220lbs
    Max Barbell Curl: 90lbs
    Max Overhead Press: 95lbs

    I'd consider myself pretty physically fit for my size. My bench to squat ratio is considered by myself as pathetic.
  12. Height - 5'5"
    Weight - 130 lbs
    Age - 18 years old

    Bench Max - 165 lbs
    Squat Max - 300 lbs
    DB curl - 40 lbs
    Hang Clean - 155 lbs
    Deadlift Max - 350 lbs

    Shit my stats suck but after wrestling season Im going to bulk like a mother fucka.

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