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Whats your smoking relaxation method?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by intikal03, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. Alot of times when i get home from work at night (3 am from bartending) i love to come home, sit at my computer desk, turn off all lights but a small desk light. put some mellow music on (doors, Floyd, Btnh) and pack up a bong and toke for a bit and carouse the Grasscity Message boards. It relaxes me beyond all reason and I completely forget about everything that needs worrying about.

    Anyone else have any Smoking rituals or habits that you find yourself doing?
  2. I usually light up in my bedroom, I burn some essential oil to make my room smell pleasant. Light up some candles... very peaceful, than I sit on my bed tokin' and afterwards I watch a movie, on tv or a dvd lay down on my bed and enjoy the mood I'm in.
  3. Sometimes (like as is tonight) I'll just turn on some music and pack a small steamroller, then later on i'll smoke a bong . I like to mix it up a bit, give me something to think about other than any troubles from the day.
  4. well it used to be get stoned play godwhopaling guitar:smoking:
    now its get stoned play godwhopaling guitar and hang in the city:smoking:
  5. the most relaxing i'll ever get is after me and my girlfriend have had a long fun night of partying, we go sit in my hot tub and smoke a few bowls then just listen to some sublime as we look up and watch the stars.
  6. I usually roll a blunt and drive up into this one mountain i found, and on the way up it's damn dark so I just puff while driving. When I get to the top I just park my car and play some relaxing music and zone out....haha
    by the way, i'm new here...and this place is pretty cool.
    smokers all over the place..muhahahahaha!
  7. I love 'coming up' on a youghert while sitting listening to some relaxing music just chilling :)

    I always use to sit on my bed and toke up and then just sit and chill, love it.
  8. I love being home, because I have a TV in my room there (but it's too big to bring to college). So what I do is take my pipe, get some food, lay in bed, and toke and watch TV. It's the best feeling ever...I'm like "I've got everything I could want right here: food, rest, and entertainment. Kick ass."

    At school I just hit the bong, browse the City, and listen to music. That ain't too bad, either.
  9. every night, i smoke a few one hitters, check out the city for a while and then i go to sleep... i love it
  10. roll a J while the bathtub is fillin up with quasi-boiling water Nothin beats a J + hot bath (or maybe J + Hot Bath + Gf).
  11. What do you do the rest of the day? I start (relaxing) shortly after I wake up in the morning and finish (relaxing) when I am ready to go to bed.
  12. i sit back in a reclined chair wit hmy hands between my head wit hmy elbows out and zone out to either some crazy beats or the tv

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