What's your sign?

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  1. What's your sign? Or do you happen to be a cusp? Tell all...is your personality compatible with the personality described by your sign? What signs do you get along with most and attract and/or are attracted to?

    Me, I'm a Virgo. I am somewhat as a Virgo is described to be. For example, I hate admitting defeat, I keep my emotions hidden but have very strong ones at that, I do tend to put things in order, I'm loyal in my relationships, I'm modest, I'm honest and just, and I'm reserved. On the other hand, I do not consider myself a perfectionist. Yes, I cannot stand when things don't seem to be a certain way or in an orderly fashion, and yes when people do things I expect them done 100% right, but honestly, at times I don't put good effort into things and am a slacker. Also, I can procrastinate, so no, I do not consider myself to be a perfectionist at all.I've read stuff about being an un-evolved sign. Maybe I'm an un-evolved Virgo. Thoughts? As for attraction, I have found myself attracted to Leos most often, the ones I've met are extremely good looking. Currently attracted to a Scorpio. Leos are attracted to me, and a few Virgos have been as well.
  2. Cancer Sun
    Mars in Leo
    Gemini in Mercury
    Tauros Moon
    Aquarius Ascendant
    Chinese: Snake

    Let's just say there is no point in me trying to describe myself.

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