Whats your rock bottom?

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    I just watched Fight Club again, which has the theme that once you've hit rock bottom youve hit realization because you know what shit people can become, and got me thinking about my own personal rock bottom.

    It seemed one rock bottom would always out weigh the next in my life, as what only seems natural. I guess I just never knew what rock bottom really felt like, but I always thought I had.

    This summer I put myself through a horrible opiate habit that was clearly my rock bottom. That was that, bam, bottom of the fucking ocean, fucking rock bottom. I was out of control.

    Then I hit. Had a massive realization. And now I'm going strong.

    So, have you hit rock bottom?

    Edit: This isn't directly related to rock bottom from drug use, but to any and every lowest of lows.
  2. Help! I've hit rock bottom and I can't get up!
  3. Hey OP: how long have you been clean? Grats to you btw bro, takes a lot of self determination to quit opiates, especially if you didn't go through a detox/rehabilitation program.

    I don't believe that I myself has hit rock bottom, and hopefully I never will hit my true rock bottom.

    BTW don't you love movies that leave you thinking for hours on end after watching it? Best fucking movies in my book.
  4. lol, seconded. :p
  5. what the fuck im watching fight club also
  6. Rock bottom for me also involved opiates. One day I woke up needing to spike 5 bundles of dope (50 bags) to keep me sober and finally couldn't find the means and stole from my family. That was it, on the way back from the city I called the person I stole from and said it's time. I have been clean now for almost 2 years and growing/smoking Cannabis has been one of the biggest helps in my recovery. Anyhow, thats def my rock bottom and I am glad it's done with.
  7. Great story man, thanks for sharing.
  8. haha i just watched fight club last night..:smoking: but no i have not hit my rock bottom i dont think, and hopefully i never will.
  9. stay strong man
  10. this very moment in time...where i live there isnt alot of jobs and i dont have a car at the moment
  11. i never saw fight club.....
  12. my rock bottom is death, cuz in my times of addiction there has always been alot more shit that could be wrong with my life, and somehow my addictions have always kinda just worked themselves out somehow, i cant remember ever struggling to stay clean, somethin just always clicked in my brain and i just changed.. currently going through somewhat of an opiate addiction but i'm nowhere near rock bottom, since the way i live would be the same with or without opiates

    and for some reason, i dont believe the guy who said they needed 5 buns a day, you must have one hell of a job to afford 350 bucks (a brick) everyday, i co uld see 2 buns, but not 5
  13. Going through detox myself right now. I have been addicted since December and my wife has been addicted for a few months longer. If I would have known she was addicted, I probably would have stopped before I started feeling like shit in the morning. Everything was going great. I was finished with college, was waiting to take the boards for my license, then it hit me the week after I finished. I woke up, anxiety going crazy, soaked with sweat yet freezin my ass off. I knew what it was immediately even though I had never felt anything like that before.

    We kept telling ourselves we needed to come off but work and life kept giving is reasons not to (even though in hindsight, the addiction should have taken a higher priority)

    Decided to start tapering down on methadone for the passed few months. We tapered extremely fast but never felt the effects. We finally got ourselves down to 2.5mg of methadone which is 1/4 of a pill but we couldn't shake it. I called various clinics and they all wanted me to go into an inpatient rehab for 3 days because I had been taking xanax so they wanted to make sure I wouldn't have withdrawals from them also. I told them I wasn't addicted to them and came off them for 1.5 weeks before we ran out of the methadone but had to take some to sleep the follow two nights. The lady finally called me back the next day and since I had been taking the xanax, she said I would test positive and wouldn't be cleared.

    So we have some suboxone that we got from a friend but it was only a few. We decided to split those in 1/4 pieces to see if that would be enough which it was so we each have 9 - 1/4 pieces so 9 more days before we run out. This is day 5 and as long as we have the suboxone, we're fine.

    On Tuesday, I am starting the first full time job I have been able to find since I graduated. I have been trying for the few weeks to find a place that would either accept me into an outpatient program that was government funded because there is no possible way that we could afford it or find it on the street. Since it's insanely expensive just to get the script, it's even more expensive and even find on the street so we're heading for a dead end and I'm afraid but hopefull that after these run out, I'm either gonna be fine or not. Actually I have to be fine. I have to support our family. I have to keep this job or we'll lose the house we just moved in to a couple weeks ago, I must succeed.
  14. two words, "horse tranquilizers".
  15. Where is neg when you need him?
  16. It's funny ya know. Back in the day, we were smart enough to stay away from the harder drugs or the stuff that was addictive.

    The only conclusion that I can come up with is that because of the combination of school, work, plus a new baby, I was simply too busy to realize what was happening. During clinicals, I was working 40 hours during the week for free then working two 16 hour shifts on the weekend. The pain I felt in my back and knees just disappeared after I took them so I would be able to get through the 16 hour shifts. We would also party on them so I'm not totally inocent of abusing them by any means. The amount kept getting higher and higher. Once I had to take 8 30mg roxy's just to feel anything, I knew it was time. I was smart enough to never go any farther than ingesting the pills thankfully but that doesn't matter when addiction is addiction.
  17. i havent hit rock bottom with drugs, as i stick to relitivly soft drugs. but when i played World of Warcraft and was addicted to it. I remember playing 12 hours straight some days get home at 4 and play till 4 am. Thank god i quit that game
  18. That game almost ruined my life.
    I still need to work off some weight from that time.
    Ahh....waking up at 10 in the morning..getting straight on.
    ANd not getting off until around 6am.

  19. haha yea those were the days, and i loved every fuckin minute of it. i might come back for lich king... still on the fence about it
  20. that pisses me off.
    around feb/march i had 2 70s.
    UD S priest, and Troll Ele Shammy.
    Priest had full t6, and all s3 healers gear, and shadow gear.
    Shammy had 3/6 t6 and full s3 ele gear.

    now a few months later, they want to make all of that useles.
    I mean...i know they did it with BC, but seriously, Blizzard said they were agaings making this a Everquest type things, with expansions here and there, and thats exactly what there doing.

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