What's your PPM's?

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  1. Can you guys humor me and tell me what your average PPM range are? I understand every situation is different and different strains require different PPMs etc. etc. this is my first grow and at 43 I am very very disabled (Ankolosing Spodylitis and haven't been able to turn my neck in 20 years ) and if anybody deserves to grow it's me I promise you.

    This is my first grow and I'm a quick learner but considering I am in abusive relationship with someone that is fighting me constantly daily over this issue, I think I've done pretty well but I am using General hydroponics flora series as I'm sure you guys roll eyes lol.


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  2. I definitely know I'm making all kinds of newbie mistakes that won't happen the second time around but it looks to me I got a deficiency and I am around 500 ppm's about six weeks into veg after the first seeds sprouted I know it's long but I've been having issues and I'm trying to get ready to flip to flower but I don't want to do that if the plans are not feeling hundred percent and my correct in this or should I just flip?

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  3. I also grow with Flora nova by GH. I honestly don't check my PPMs very much anymore, but I can tell you that I use half a capful of "grow" when I first start feeding the young plants, then after about a week or 2 of that or whenever they show signs of needing more I will bump it up to one cap full per gallon.

    For Bloom I use 1 capful per gallon the whole time.
  4. I definitely did a lot of topping and I have tried my best to cut them back but it's very difficult and got overwhelmed with four plants in a 4 x 4 tent. originally I start out with 7

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  5. Ty

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  6. your plants look very healthy, fill out that screen a few more inches in each direction and you are ready for flowering.

    you generally want 75% of the screen filled before you flip to 12/12.
  7. Hey thx bro.

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  8. I'm in hydro, I start with RO filtered water, I usese the full Canna nite line based on their normal feed schedule. I add cal mag and fulvic acid to the mix, and my ppm is usually around 770 during veg, and 1000-1250 during Bloom.

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  9. Click here for a complete explanation of working out exactly what your plants prefer How To Determine Your Plants Preferred Nutrient Strength but to answer your question, my plants usually max out at around 600ppm when vegging and during the few weeks of stretching during flowering it goes up to 650, and the last half of flowering it continually drops until the last couple of weeks which is often around 250ppm. What makes you believe your plants are deficient?

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