Whats your opinion on LED's like this?

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    vs MH and other lights..?

    and how is it on electricity and for the grow?
  3. Also take a look at the phlizon high power series or the phlizon double switch series they give nice amount of watt for the prices.
  4. How are the grows with LEDs and electricity bills compared to other lights?
  5. Much cheaper than MH HPS and the quality is better been full spectrum the HPS is mainly red and MH mainly blue now both work great in there own right but they produce so much heat compared to LEDS.
  6. So I'm aware that the light has to be on for 14 hours, my friend does 4pm-4am, I was thinking 7am-8pm due to the fact that LED's do not produce as much heat as HPS and MH as you said, so what should I do ?
    I don't want it to be too cold out and I don't wanna run a heater.
  7. Normal veg times are 18 on 6 off but i veg under constant 24hr light until flower each to there own tbh now what temps do you think your dealing with max and minimum.
  8. Honestly, haven't started a grow yet, I have 50% of items rest are coming sunday and monday and I can start my grow on tuesday, I'm gonna go pickup 4 clones from the local dispensary and attempt to fit them into 3 gallon pots each and 32x32x60, you think it's possible? I have two 1000w LED lights i bought as well, fox farm ocean forest for the soil and ph down and up incase.
  9. This is old tech from 3-4 years ago. You can get much better lighting with quantum boards.
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  10. This is the actual light I bought:

  11. That is not very good draw power from the wall.
  12. Opinion on lights like these?

  13. Check my post above pls
  14. Are lights like these not good?

    Do plants prefer sun light color lights or the red and blue crap veg/bloom?
  15. It's not that they are not good, they are OK and will still grow plants but you can get much better lights today as the technology has advanced significantly in terms of efficiency and spectrum.
    If you already bought it then use it, unless you can return it for a full refund and want to look for something better.
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  16. Possible to help me find an amazon prime LED light, two 1000 watts?
    I'm willing to spend $200, $100 per light, these lights were $75, most average $75+
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    Shall I buy two of these?

    Samsung LEDS with a quantum board.

  18. Your link isnt showing up

  19. Code:
  20. FYI, none of these lights are even close to 1000watts.
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