whats your nickname(s)

Discussion in 'General' started by davida0829, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. mine are Cyko (psycho)

    and a few of my friends call me davida

    my real name is david
  2. I'm called Lee Harvey (after Lee Harvey Oswald of course), Leecifer, Faleelee, Flealee, etc.

    Lee is a versatile name to use for nicknames and shit.
  3. sweet thanks for sharing man
  4. My names danny. ive been called D, or blue.
  5. My names John, but everyone calls me Jack, kinda replaced it. A lot of my close friends don't even know that my real name is John haha.

    Some may call me Duck, don't know why, that kinda stuck too.
  6. lol damn man u should tell em ur real name when they are really really high mess with there head:devious:
  7. Red......

    Cuz of my hair...

    so orginal...
  8. whoa the whole time i knew u on here i thought u where a dude idk i am perty fuckin baked right now sorry if this offends u i am just really confused now:confused:
  9. all good lol i know a kid called ginger
  10. Im both.;)

    Im Cindy on the weekends :D
  11. sam del sol =)
  12. My name is Marcus but people call me Coos, Iggy, Mart, J, Blackie, and Eyak...they just kind of grew on me :laughing:.
  13. DB, D-boy, Bivz
  14. People like to call me, "Dude are you high right now?"
  15. Chronic, Chroncke

  16. real name is myles but a lot of people call me milo :cool:
  17. yikes that is creepy lol:smoke: but who am i to judge (jk btw:))

    that is the most epic nickname i have heard lol
  18. depends on who you ask.....;)

    i been called all kinds of shit on the regular.....



    useless fuck

    you get the idea.....:)

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