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Whats your IQ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by imadamnlegend, May 7, 2011.

  1. Take this test:

    You need to register to your email to have your free result sent to you, but i think it'd be interesting to see how the stoner IQ compares.

    I was pretty chuffed to get 139 :hello:
  2. I'd like to see a kid with down syndrome smoke weed. Not trying to be a dick, but what if he smoked himself smart.
  3. Convenient that 2 people replied 141+ (ie Genius) within 3 minutes of posting. And considering the test takes about 5 minutes or so, plus time to receive the email. Let's just say i don't think this 'study' could be considered evidence haha!
  4. Pffft a 5 minute online IQ test eh?
  5. Well it may not be 5 minutes, i can't remember how long it took me but i just know it sure as hell wasn't three.
  6. I don't think those things are terribly accurate, so I didn't bother taking it.

    I had my IQ tested by a psych doctor when I was like 7 or 8 years old and it was 134-136, so there :p

    Granted that was over a decade ago, so I should probably go back in and get retested.
  7. Nice dude! I'm applying to take the MENSA IQ test, so will report back as to how close the result was to the one on the above online test :)
  8. Online IQ tests aren't all that accurate, so I'm not going to waste my time. My IQs in the 140's or 150's, though, depending on which test it is.
  9. i woud start ripping that motherfucker up lol
  10. 131. Took the test at 4:20 right after I smoked a bowl.

    Attached Files:

  11. Ladies and gentlemen we have a genius on our hands
  12. Card carrying MENSA member ;)

    But, IQ doesn't really mean much. It rates potential more than it rates true intelligence. I've seen people with the highest of IQs who couldn't do basic math.

  13. You don't need basic math when you're doing other high IQ bullshit.
  14. 132 is my score.
  15. Too blown right now. Doesn't even seem interesting.
  16. I got 143. Last time I did it I got 136, what the hell.
  17. I ran through it while watching TV and just guessed on stuff I figured sounded right and still got 130 lol I had an official test when I was in 6th grade and got a 139, so who knows. I've never had any trouble with anything academic. But I am having trouble finding some damn weed around here, everyone I know has been out for 3 weeks! :(

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