What's your impressive food or drinks?

Discussion in 'General' started by ginagreen, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Have you ever tried some amazing food or drinks? Share your experience with us!
  2. The perfect stoner's snack

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  3. Impressive that I make ... Slow cooked ribs. Impressive that I have tried ... A restaurant in Sorrento wow. An in-between...pizza toasties ... Cheddar mozerella melted on toast on top of tomato puree, basil and chirizzo
  4. Ok I'm a smuch baked but if I could have my favorite indulgent food right now it would be a version of surf and turf. Roasted beef marrow bones, raw oysters and a Guinness. OR The shrimp sauteed in garlic appetizer with the house red sangria at Manolo's restaurant in Elizabeth NJ. Tender tiny pink plump shrimp just slightly caramelized swimming in fragrant garlic and olive oil.

    Manolo's Restaurant – Spanish & Mediterranean Cuisine
  5. "Fancy pineapple"

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