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  1. Whats your guys humidity.. I keep reading that its best to have 80% humidity during germination then 60% then im being told that humidity doesnt matter that much.. Whats the real answer here? And what do you guys have for humidity during the germination procress of your plant? my plants are currently suffering and I may have found the problem my humidity was at 30%.. I currently have it up to 55% and 77% at night with temps from 75 at night to 83 at day. Is this good enough during the frist 2 weeks of life for a seedling? And should my seedlings start showing better growth soon? they have slow growth and stunted growth. Ph is good water is good soil is good no nute in soil. This is a on going battle with dieing seedlings and if humidity is important I may have found my soultion. any advice please and thank you fellow gc!
  2. any help is apperciated even if your a novice i just nee some opinions and experiences on humidity. So far since my humidity has bee around 55-60% ive noticed one plant has made a difference. The other plants still look weany. so far my humidity has only been that high for about 12 hours.
  3. For germination/seedling stage, 60-70% (or even a little more) is good. Once they start getting established, you can cut it down to 30-40%. Keep an eye on temps though, 83 is about as high as you will want to go. Keep in mind these numbers are somewhat flexible and everyone has their own preference.
  4. thanks bro.. So a seedling cant grow within the frist week if humidity is below 50%?? Like lets says 30-40% humidity? humidity is that important huh? I wonder how all my other seedlings ever grew wheni never checked humditiy lol
  5. I cant get my humidity above 55% for a long period of time. Its a steady 50-55% my seedlings are about 4 days old. I can get it to high 60% if i spray the shit outta my green room. but it doesnt stay that way for long any tips? I have 2 wet towels hanging in my closet a huimidifier and a pale of water... any other tips?
  6. If you can't get your humidity up that high, don't worry. Your plants will still do fine. If you can mist them a couple of times a day, all the better.
  7. yeah humidity IMO isn't really all that crucial as long as you stay between 30-50 at all times you should be good to go I always seem to stay on the low end I have even had 25% humidity at times with no ill effects.
  8. with SEEDLINGS tho??? I know with my mature plants ive had bad humidity and they have done good. But my seedlings keep dieing after another after another and yes again after another ive went thru every single possiablity. the only thing left is honestly humidity.. Youve had 25% with seedlings? and How can I mist my plants?? I have a spray bottle and times that ive sprayd them they got burnt so i stoped doing that. I did spray the spray bottle into the fan and let the fan blow the water inside but then it gets on my light bulbs and i dont want a fire lol.
  9. hah i wish i could get mine to 50% the humidity in my house is at the minium 74% and sometimes as high as mid 80s ..i have alotta fish haha and alotta tanks with alotta water
  10. seedlings I have always had around 60% 25% was during the flowering cycle, they like it drier during that stage for sure. Humidity is not too hard to keep up if you have a dome for your seedlings and then you slowly ween them off it and get them into the open air.
  11. So dome are important for seedlings then?? Can i just make my own useing a water bottle? Or a soda littler bottle and cut it up? and poke a couple holes in it??
  12. I just got some humidity domes..I think it was like 6 dollars for the tray and the top...but I dont see why you cant make your own...all the same basically
  13. My humidity is constant 30% and does not increase, even with a bowl of water in the room. My seedlings have grown fine at this humidity.
  14. what the hell then why wont my seedlings grow, humidity was the only flaw in my grow room everything else that ive gone over is fine man this is frusterating lol.THey use to grow before now all the sudden they arent growing. So hunidity doesnt really matter? Im being told it does then dont.
  15. is it possible to ge tbad seeds that grow fucked up?
  16. very possible try a different strain or just some bagseed to make sure its not a flaw in your growroom
  17. all my seedlings have been bagseeds man.. so every seed i have is a different strain and they all have stunted slow growth within the week and start to turn yellow and brown only thing i thought was my humidity but im bein told humidity doesnt matter. So now I dont know what to think lol. Im not over watering either.
  18. damn man... that sounds like a shitty problem to have... the only other thing i can think of off the top of my head would be to try a different soil... maybe whatever youre putting those babies in is no good? i dunno man good luck with that tho
  19. well i dont know where to find good seed starting soil. I have home depot lowes walmart k mart. but I was told they have bad soil. Then i found this nursery and i got there only seed starting soil they had but it had peatmoss in it and thats what im useing now and im reading that peatmoss is to acidic and that may be my problem. So now im struggling around trying to find good seedstarting soil. Home depot really dont have any good seed starting soil? Ive uses scotts premium soil mix a couple times and it works good. But then one day it stopped working and all my seedlings died. Now im using this nursery soil i have with no nutes at all but its to acidic cause of peat moss.
  20. go to fox farms.com and they can locate a good dealer (of soil) for you... it might be a drive but at least your plants will grow

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