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What's your favourite strain and why

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sirtudge, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. I've been smoking weed for a few years now and I have had a few good strains and they all seem to have different taste smell highs I'm wondering what's everyone's favourite strain
  2. Fav strain is definitely Power Plant, get such a headrush and start thinking about crazy shit.
  3. For a laid out high I like Girl Scout Cookie. Total body and head high.
    For a nice energetic high, I prefer Master kush. Gets me nice and head high without wanting to sleep or eat.

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  4. Out of all the ones I have had It was probably blue dream and sour diesel in a close second
  5. That is a hard choice due to the fact each strain has a particular memory tied to it. Always good of coarse. The most memorable strain would be girl scout cookies. All senses were delighted and the high was very unique and sweet.

    Honorable mentions would be - blue dream, cat piss, gdp, jack herer, and grape ape.

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  6. Blue Dream because it represents California coastal life to a T.
  7. Northern Lights or Lemon Kush, Northern Lights makes your ass put down roots in whatever youre lounging on, and Lemon Kush is just an awesome high all around and it tastes great
  8. Caramel Ice and Pineapple Express, some caramel to relax and some pe to chill
  9. Purple Diesel because it's simply the perfect 50/50 hybrid strain. Half Sour Diesel, half Purple Kush.
  10. This, but honestly I couldn't pick a favorite out of those two...they both kick ass.
  11. This, but honestly I couldn't pick a favorite out of those two...they both kick ass.
  12. Strains names are bullshit now.
    I go by smell.

    Blue dream used to have a distinct smell, not anymore. Any bud can be names any name, for sale purpose.

    But I tend to go with the original blue dream smells.

    I've smelled some 'OG vader kush' that smelled like blue dream.
    Fuck dispensaries sometimes.
  13. Recon is my all time favorite because it totally numbs my entire body out AND turns my brain inside out. Blue Dream is ok but it doesn't last for hours like the Recon does. Unfortunately you can only get it late summer/early fall around here so this year I'm stocking up.
  14. Awhile back I used to care about strains & whatnot, but for a long time now I haven't cared about what strain I get or following all that.

    However, from what I remember of strains when I cared about em, 'Headband' was my overall favorite, hybrid between OG Kush & Sour Diesel. It has a great fruity full taste, great combo of Indica/Sativa effects, and gave your head a great tingly sensation, feeling like you are wearing a Headband haha.

    Green Crack is another great one! Agent Orange is probably actually my second favorite.
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  15. Never had headband but heard nothing but good things about it!!
  16. Cindy 99 when I vape a bowl I always laugh at the weirdest shit for like 5 minutes
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  17. Man, granddaddy purp when I was younger gave me the strongest couch lock high I've ever had. I was watching pulp fiction for the first time and it was a great experience.

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  18. Cannaloupe Kush by far, wonderful taste with a perfect high, oddly, it is not very popular.

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