whats your favourite pot songs?

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  1. whats your favourite songs about bud? mine are smoke two joints by sublime because i got high afroman... nomusical talent there but a fun song i guess... and reefer head by aerosmith
  2. I can sing along with....without having STML on the second verse. No seriously anything I can sing at the top of my lungs while stoned is my fave.

    But if I GOTTA pick a couple how about...Sweetleaf-Black Sabbath? Ozzy is such a god!!! Or Bob Dylan-Everybody Must Get Stoned?

    What's weird is I've heard White Rabbit at LEAST 3 times this week and I have been craving a good trip since! Hmmmmn, Easter is coming up, do you think it's a sign? Weather has been too crappy for shrooms. Do you think someone will put a little vial in my basket this year? OOOOhhh the possibilities!!!!
  3. [​IMG]Don't Bogart that joint my friend,pass it over to me...............Stems and seeds, I said stems and seeds, they just ain't got thatkick that this old Head needs ! lol And a spoof on an old C&W classic called "Wildwood Weed". And of course Cheech & Chongs classic "Up In Smoke" [​IMG]
  4. Sweetleaf, Ozzy yeah!
    Who's got the Herb/Hydroponics - 311
    smoke 2 joints - Sublime (anything by them though really)
    Hits from the Bong - Cypress Hill :D
    Don't Step on the Grass Sam - Gov't Mule

    etc etc etc
    anythingthat sounds good is fine w/ me, and yeah singing along is a bonus feature :D
  5. Is that Buffet? Down to Stems and Seeds Again?
  6. Think so nate, not sure, just a lil' riff that sticks in my mind, kinda' Blue'sy tune.[​IMG]
  7. the devil went down to jamaca

    they fired up dobies one by one
    anta gonna stop till the bag is done
    granny do ya get high
    yes i do
  8. Surprised no one has says this yet : David Peel and the 360's - I Like Marijuana. Also like Dispatch covering It Stoned Me. Panic does a great cover as well.
  9. easy skanking by bob marley....scuz me while i light my spliff. Lord now take it easy!!!
  10. this is my favorite chill song ever!

    Krayzie Bone - Smokin' Buddah

    it has a nice flowing beat and it's so soothing
  11. One Love-Disc One. I sit for hours stoned listing to this !

  12. Hello, Burn One Down?? Anyone? Ben Harper is awesome!!
  13. Definitely smoke two joints by Sublime. "Kaya" by Bob Marley.
  14. I love to listen to swollen members while high.

    However, if you are super, super, duper high, I recommend Lords Of Acid - marijuana in your brain.
    the first time I heard that song I was totally blazed and it just totally tripped me out. make sure you crank it though.
  15. krs-one the blunt song...awesome tune, funny lirics
  16. Here's another buzzed Buffet song - Margaritaville. Great at all volumes... wasted away again in Margaritaville, searching for that long lost shaker of salt

    His Cheeseburger in Pardadise is pretty much about the munchies too - especially if you don't eat meat on a regular basis.

    None of these are really about weed, but man, it sure is fun to sing to while high. lol

    Oh yeah. Tom Petty does that one - lets get to the point, and roll another joint.....

    You know the one, it got edited for radio - hit a joint instead of roll. Either way you sya it it's a good idea.
  17. ok....
    peter tosh - legalize it
    letters to cleo - lets get high
    barrington levy - under mi sensi
    cypress hill - roll it light it smoke it up
  18. am i aloud to have a whole album? it is after all like one big musical peice.


    u might not think its about smoking... but u don't need to think about that for the first four hundred and twenty times u listen to it.
  19. Bone Thugs Weed Song

    Best song about weed ever

  20. fuck yeah, man. most people i meet cant stand 311. but hyroponic is a better weed song than wgth in my opinion.

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