Whats your favorite way to toke?

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  1. So me and my brother were talking earlier about how everyone rolls their joints differently down to the roach. And then we got onto different ways of toking and it got me wondering how people toke regularly. So I roll up a joint, but I make my own bongs to hold the joint in. I just find that way I can make half a gram last a heck of a lot longer, I don't want hate for the way I toke and don't post hate on somebody else. I've made my own glass bong, but it doesn't get used that often anymore since I've started to cut down, I usually get it out when I have more than 2 buddies over unless they ask to get it out.
    So how do you guys stay medicated? Vape? Joints? Bongs? Edibles? Dabs? 

  2. Spliff hands down, 50/50 mix with Peter Stokkebye London Export Tobacco, a Tops cigarette filter, and an organic Raw paper rolled in a roller. If you want it perfect throw the bud through your grinder twice and the tobacco through once, then put a 50/50 mix in a small container and shake until mixed thoroughly. I've smoked from soda cans to $600 bongs and I go back to my spliffs every time (and so do my friends when I have my stuff).
  3. Vaporizer
  4. i always use a trusty bong, dry pipes aren't really my thing. J's and blunts are good though. But i only smoke them is someone else has them and is inviting me to smoke. grinding and roling takes a sec, and when im ready to smoke i just like to pop a bud in and go to town.
  5. I've tried mounting a blunt to my bong. It does help smooth out the hit for deeper inhales but really I'd rather just pack the bowl since it's easier than stuffing a blunt or rolling a joint in the first place.

    Since you're like me and want to make the most of your weed, definitely consider upgrading to an all glass bong. Pack the bowl rather tightly and use hemp wick and learn to corner a bowl. You'll be more effectively vaporizing the THC in the weed by not torching the entire bowl but letting it smoulder throught the hit.

    And you'll be able to easily get 4-5 corners out of a bowl. And more THC out of better vaporization cause you're not running a raw butane flame over the weed butinstead letting it naturally smoulder heating the surrounding green and vaporizing vs combusting.
  6. Hemp wicks are the way to go, the hits taste more pure if you know what I mean? I have a mini glass bong which is cool, but not as cool as my bigger home made one. I'm going to be making a glass bong in which my joints can be fitted through, if I toke a joint too much I feel sick but if I rip a joint through a bong I can make a joint last around 3 hours as well as it being healthier and shit
  7. Bubbler or bowl but usually the bubbler. I like being able to pull it out of the bag, spit a mouthful of water into the carb, pack it up, and smoke. My bowl has an enormous pack relative to its size which is why I don't often use it.
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    Joints and blunts all day pipes and bongs stink

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  9. Bong hits for jesus. Get me super faded and I tend to conserve a lot more.
  10. I use to be a bong guy, but after awhile, if you find the right Glass hardware, you'll love pipes ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1417514923.729340.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1417514952.312038.jpg
  11. That's not vaporizing, it's still combustion. if you see any black on your weed it's combustion.

    Glass on glass bongs with a hemp wick is also my favorite way of smoking when I do smoke but I switched to vaporization a few weeks ago and I'm not going back. Vapor Bong puts me on another level.
  12. Id really like to start vaporizing! I heard there's much more flavor, just like to know where to start?
  13. It really is the best way to get high IMO. You can control how you feel by controlling the temperature and you don't feel so burned out when the high wears off.

    Its definitely overwhelming at first. I've been thinking about it for a year or two but didn't know where to start as well.

    Start in the vaporizer section: Toking Tools> Vaporizers. There are some guys here that really know their stuff and are happy to help. Also go to a website that sells all brands to get a feel for what's out there and the price ranges.
  14. I take bong hits for Muhammad. They get me super stoned and I conserve more cannabis.
  15. rah! Toke on 👌 ☺
  16. You can easily make an adapter to smoke a joint out of a bong. I have one and use it on occasion. All you need is a Coca Cola 2 liter bottlecap and a hobby reamer.


    Use the reamer to drill out a hole wider than the joint. Roll your joint with a very sturdy paper roach. Then simply stick it in the hole and the plastic seal will seal around the roach making a joint attached to a bottlecap. Remove your bowl and hold the cap and joint over the downstem and press down to seal. Easy and you can use your existing bong.
  17. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1417582871.540876.jpg hey guys! Be honest, how much would you pay for this pipe?
  18. I'd pay up to about $25-40 for that piece. It looks like a single blown piece? If its a double it could definitely change my pricing.

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  19. I do it all but i prefer a nice ice bong.

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