Whats your favorite toke setting?

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  1. I got a few favorites circumstances that I love to smoke under. I think blazing is best when everyone's passing the blunt at a party just because the vibe it gives. Then, there's smoking on a sunny day with a a friend, passing a blunt around a bonfire, blazing in your room before bed, or blazing on a rainy day. Hahaha those are just some of my favorites ^.^ hbu people? What's your favorite atmosphere to smoke in? Feel free to post pictures ;)
  2. my dealers green room or his backyard patio during the rain
  3. . Sounds awesome dude
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    [quote name="Mac D Rockefeller" post="19452761" timestamp="1391360338"]my dealers green room or his backyard patio during the rain[/quote] Sounds like you like your dealers life. My favorite would have to be late at night under the stars/early early morning when there's not many people up and I can free my stoner mind at last.
  5. My sunroom on a rainy day is the spot but if im with friends we go downtown fort worth if its a nice and sunny day and cruise with the windows down bumping the tunes. Or that night we drive around and see if we can spot which college kids are drunk thats always fun the only bad part is fort worth cops are thick on weekends. Theres all kinds of things to do blazed in Ft. Worth. A cool thing to do is blaze and go walk around the old Swift Armour Meat Packing plant. Its an old meat packing place that is abandoned its sweet, the buildings are huge and the walls are missing on them so you can see out over everything there's a whole bunch of cool stuff to look at there. Prison Break was actually filmed there at one point. I suggest you go on Google Images so you can see for yourself what its like its a pretty cool spot.
  6. My cousins cottage, just smoking a blunt on his hammock looking at the stars.Sent from my Nexus 4 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. I always love smoking in my room because of comfort. But my favorites are probably on a sunny summer day sitting on my back deck. I'll just sit outside and smoke for hours. I think I have a beautiful view so it's really nice. Also, sitting under the stars on a summer night is pretty chill.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. Beach with good people under the stars. Nothing beats that for me. & I don't live anywhere near the beach so that's my favorite. Then go on a bike ride where the waves are just ending because the sand is perfect for some reason Sent from my PantechP9070 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. Smoking in the car and getting lost with a friend or just watching TV in my room while hitting the bowl.Sent from my SGH-T769 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  10. By the water of this creek by my house, totally chill and peaceful
  11. Dabbing from my E-Dabber at the beach whilst playing with the dogSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  12. Tough one. This one time I blazed a bowl at dusk on Hippie Hill with a friend on a trip to SF. That was pretty epic. On a covered balcony while it's raining would be my generic answer.
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  14. In my sunroom, on my deck, in my back yard in the hammock, in the summer. With some cool people to chill with. I cant think right now
  15. Middle of mountain range or somewhere high up with a great view.. in the sun.
  16. On a beach. Just chill with some friends and a joint just zoned out Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  17. I like smoking in my buddy's room; no one in his house gives a fuck. Otherwise, I like to smoke around nature, such as in a forest, or really anywhere outside, but I really like if it's a bit isolated from others. The weather has to be perfect too
  18. stoned at the beach sounds sick at I've always wanted to go snorkeling baked at like Jamaica or something
  19. I loved smoking at my old dealers house, he had this really comfy ass couch with a part in the middle where you can set the bong or an ashtray or whatever and it was right in front of this tv. Plus he had a bong with perc's and ice catcher ect... so we got fuckin ripped and it was always just a chill good time. I also like being right here at my desk taking bong hits and lookin on grass city. i got a midi keyboard right here for making music, a stereo and behind me i have my two guitars and an amp. So i can just swivel right around on my chair and start jammin, i love it.

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