Whats your favorite "stoner" muzak!?

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  1. Just wonderin what type of muzak u guys listen to when stoned. My favorite is prob AIR. would you agree that theres better muzak for different smoking ocasions though. For example, when Im smokin a blunt I like to listen to good hip hop: people under the stair. do or die, DJ clue. But when I'm smokin a Joint I SUBLIME!! I listen to that long beach dub allstars CD WWAAAYY Too much though. and when Im smokin a bong or a bowl, I like AIR, or just any chill out type of music. Ohg, and cant forget pink floyd, trhey're the best for any ocasion !
  2. I like all music, and since I'm pretty much in a perpetual state of being stoned I can't really come up with something that I particularly listen to while stoned.

    Bongwater is hilarious to listen to when stoned or tripping. "The Power of Pussy" (By bongwater) is the cassette tape I listened to repeatedly (before CD players were affordable).

    Dead can dance is fun as well. Some songs are a little out there, but they have some pretty awesome tunes too.
  3. Anything that keeps you enjoying your high more. i like Mr. MArley myself, or Lucy Pearl. They talk about stuff that makes you relaxed and happy
  4. This is such a hard one because I listen to so many different songs/cds. It got so bad that I just ended up ripping a lot of my favorite songs to mp3 and just let them play at random. A couple of my favorite bands to listen to though would have to be The Dead or Phish. Also love Floyd, CSNY, CCR, Zeppelin, Allman Brothers....hell too many to list. I'll be here all night.
  5. It all depends on what kinda mood I'm in!! That's the great thing about enjoying so many different types of music, There's a style for every mood!! And everything sounds better when HIGH!!!
  6. is air like trance? just wanted to know so i can download some
  7. beatles
    pink floyd
    soul coughing
  8. Any Pink Floyd, Big Wu, Dead, Panic, Phish anything that puts me in a good mood.
  9. house music. progressive sounds.
    john digweed
    misstress barbara
    dj heather
    mark farina
    anything deep and dark to make my head tiggle
  10. KoRn
    Limp Bizkit
    System of a Down

    (but id have to say my fav listening to high is sublime self titled "what i got" and track 5 I dun remember the track name)

  11. yay more panic fiends :D

    aside from them, i love(in no order, except the first 2 are my all-time favs):
    led zeppelin
    OYSTERHEAD (hell yeah!)
    pink floyd
    metallica (YES! i grew up on it :D)
    g o d s m a c k
    beastie boys
    cypress hill
    JANIS (joplin for those who never get out)
    the doors

    anything anything anything and everything but i'll listen to these guys more or lesso n a daily basis or once a week. metallica is my favorite drinking music when "gunshots" are in order (tequila shots laden w/ hot sauce & pepper)!!

    i am open to all kinds of music and listen to just about anything!
  12. I'm a fairly mellow person and I enjoy The Grateful Dead and Bob Marley, no matter what i am always in the mood for them.
  13. boards of canada
    fila brazillia
    the streets

    pretty much most ambient/chill/downtempo.
  14. I can't be the only one into classical music, am I?

    Personally, I like listening to anything with a fast, complex melody - Vivaldi's "Gloria et Divitiae" or Handel's "Dixit Dominus." God, I'm such a loser.
  15. is bongwater a real band/music group? i cant find it on KaZaA :)

  16. well...when im smoken joints.....SUBLIME. I actually smoke two joints :) when im smoken on a blunt......Snoop dog....old snoop..not new. When i just have alot of weed...Steve millers "the joker" im joker, im a smoker, im a midddnight toker. steve miller rocks. when im pissed off i listen to suicide commando. also...when im around the "precious plant" i listen to Welcome to the jungle :)
  17. LOL awesome, I love Guns N Roses when stoned, it brings me back to my middle school years~

    weed enhances all music in my opinion
  19. some old school section8
  20. Dick Dale
    The Dead
    The Doors
    Pink Floyd
    Soul Coughing

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