whats your favorite reason for legalizing pot

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  1. mine would have to be the medical side and how it can be used to treat and prevent everything from cancer to alzhiemers. It is such a valuvale medical resource andmuch safer than many current legal drugs

    why do you think marijuna should be legalized
  2. Liberty.

  3. because I dont want to be arrested
  4. i think just about everyone can agree with this one
  5. The whole Medicinal thing is just retarded. 95% of the people with their medical cards just want to get high...

    My whole thing is it isnt bad at all, and retarded to make it illegal. Lets use the money we spend on stoping weed and focus on more dangerous drugs. Its so common and so many people are open about it. I never see a celebrity on tv say, "Oh man i was so fucked up on blow and herion last night!"

    Second: The only lives that are ruined because of marijuana are from getting busted by the cops and going to jail and paying tons of money in legal fees. Not from the drug itself but because of the prosecution of using it.

    Now i cant say the same thing for meth use or even alcohol.
  6. prohibition is not something that I can agree with, no matter the substance. If not just for the reason that it's completely un-American, then for the reason that it just simply doesn't work.
  7. my favorite reason would have to be "its just a plant" because really...
  8. well, so is cocaine and heroine, albeit in concentrated form. Like I said, I'm for the legalization of all drugs, but "it's just a plant" doesn't really make any sense unless you're willing to legalize all plant based drugs.
  9. Marijuana/Hemp, one of the most important plant in the world is illegal. Disgusting, makes me lose faith in humanity.
  10. I agree.
  11. I'm definitely for the whole "The punishment should not be worse than the conseuences of using it." I mean honestly, laws are supposed to protect us. What the hell are anti-pot laws protecting us from other than a safe place to purchase untainted marijuana without the chance of:

    Getting robbed
    Getting shot
    Getting arrested
    Being offered harder drugs
    Dealing with REAL criminals

    I honestly believe that one of the key reasons for not legalizing marijuana is how easy it is to grow in your own back yard or closet. Too many people would grow their own for the government to be able to controll the cash flow like they do with tobacco.
  12. I don't think that most people will grow their own... people don't even change their own oil on their car anymore. People want to smoke it, not grow it. I personally don't know of anyone that grows weed... but everyone uses it.
  13. Two of the main rules of growing are dont sell and dont tell. Chances are you wouldn't know ^_^ Besides, growing would save money and could even be a hobby that people enjoy. And of course, there are people who like to know how their produce has been raised and handled.
  14. Trust me, if my family and friends were growing weed, I think I'd notice. They all buy theirs from dispensaries.

    People who enjoy growing weed or care that much about how it was produced are very, very small minorities.
  15. My favorite is that marijuana has never killed anyone, ever. Tobacco kills 400,000 every year.

    Of course the tobacco is legal, because that just makes perfect sense.:rolleyes:
  16. Maybe getting back some faith in the power of normal people in government, back.
  17. I believe cannabis in all forms (medicinal, recreational, religious, agricultural, etc etc) is a right of mankind. That is my reason for believing and my "favorite" reason. It is also very good medicine.

    That reason doesnt work on election day though, so I think the legalization model that works will be to legalize medicinal first. This allows the ignorant to learn that "reefer madness" is a big lie. Then, once they realize the government has lied, you fully legalize.

    I think the Fantastic 4 (CA, WA, OR, and CO) will prove this.
  18. Marijuana isn't "plant based". It is just a plant. Cut, hung up, packaged.

    My reasons for kleeping it illegal. We don't need more tards that are on this website running around being high.

    I really think half the people on this website have a legit retardation.
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