Whats your favorite postion?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by monstatoka, Nov 24, 2003.

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  1. Come on, tell me you know you want to!

    I have to say that mines gotta be 69! I just love that feeling, you know the one! Mmmmmmmmm!

    Who\'duv thought that a number could be sooooo much fun!!
  2. what about 96, thats where you both nessle the back your neck into your partners ass crack...


  3. roflmao
  4. Girl on top is amazing.
    I like good old missionary and doggie also.

    Hell, as long as it involves sex, I\'m in!
  5. I prob sound pretty lame, but i\'ve never heard of a 96! I guess i\'ll have to try!
  6. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. just outta curiosity why on earth would u want to nestle the back of your neck in your partners arse crack...pheeeeewwww..
  8. My favorit position would defenetly have to be my chick sitting next to me smoking out of my fine Chich and Chong glass bong.
  9. my favorite position is laying back in my chair with a bowl in my hand and smoke in my lungs.
  10. this is completely off topic, mods, do something ! :D

    Absolute most favorite? On top.
  12. Thats tough. I like being on top, but when I am felling lazy being on the botton is quite nice.
  13. I like sex too much to ever be lazy about it! ;)
  14. I like the 69. for hours.
  15. 69 is my favorite... Any which way I can is completely satisfactory!!!!!!!

  16. ...LMFAO!..
  17. wtf ..!! ??? you just gave me a turn on !!

  18. this is indeed the best..... unless your talkin about power fukkin... cause usually this allows us guys to be lazy and ya\'ll womens to be in control...not that you aren\'t all the time anyway..:)

  19. why would it be off topic, first part of the sentance says \"my favorite position\" seems right on topic to me... mo matta what kinda position your talkin bout...:D
  20. if youve read the ass virginity thread youd understand why i dont like any position whereby if he misses it could infiltrate my date...which is not alot im afraid...lol...

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