Whats Your Favorite Band ?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by litta_j, May 8, 2006.

  1. Whats your favorite band to listen to when your high?*

    *if you choose other please place the bands name below
  2. Radiohead
  3. tie: Railroad Earth and Perpetual Groove
  4. On the list, Led Zeppelin is my favorite.

    One of my top 3 favorite all bands.
  5. Outkast
  6. Rasta_Man - what are your other 2 top favs?

    Sublime is my all-time fav band but I really dig listening to Tool while high. System of a Down is pretty sweet too. And Pink Floyd. Arg, I'm not good at making decisions. Too wishy-washy. :p
  7. i think floyd, or sublime. i also like to listen to electronica/techno, the beats on that shit gets me pumped to smoke more!
  8. i don't think i have a favorite becasue i'll just put my ipod on shuffle after i smoke to get a good variety. i have to say that phish is some good shit though and zeppelin used to be my favorite band so they sound incredible while i'm high.
    i also like teh mars volta. if you haven't heard of htem then you deff need to check them out becasue they are extremely good.
  9. I think Jimi Hendrix is great for when you're high.
    I'm high and listening to him right now :)
  10. everyone looks at me weird as fuck when i say it, but coheed and cambria is my favorite band.........unlike most bands, they put lots of thought into every song. if u dont like that answer, well, primus is simple kick ass.

    have a nice day....with all your other shitty bands.
  11. I'd say Rush or The Doors.
  12. The dead all the fuckin way.

    RIP Jerry
  13. Led Zeppelin when im high but deffently Metallica in general.
  14. all you that said the dead whats your fav song or concert i think franklins tower is the best song ever and phil lesh is god
  15. I just put my itunes Reggae playlist on shuffle. It has like 3,500 songs! :smoking:
  16. Godsmack (Acoustic versions)..:)
  17. circle takes the square
  18. Bob Dylan for rock... Probably Cassidy for rap.
  19. Frank Zappa

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