whats your favorit posts to see on GS

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    i basically just read my e-mail and check GC at the same time, but when i open it up my favorite threads to read about are probably:

    1) smoking vids,
    -just entertaining to watch ppl smoking weed who are from GS and stuff.

    2) new glass posts
    -because its cool to see some neat glass and some what funny when ppl argue about how much they get ripped off (example: "dude you could have bought like 400 dollars worth of weed man and like a 5 dollar pipe hahaha") but ya i like to see new glass

    3) ppl who have legit questions that probably arent answered somewhere else that i think i can help with

    what are your fav to see?

  2. GS?!

    Grass State?

    Why've I been on the city this entire time, when I could be doing bigger and better things on a bigger and better forum?!
  3. gs!? GS!!??!!!! Cmon

    to answer, haha, I think I speak for many guys here, (though Im not one) is the Cleavage thread.
  5. I love the political, religious, and generally any controversial thread in Pandora's Box :)
  6. i love the ones wehere people debate on what the best blunt is
  7. how to threads
    and homemade threads
  8. anything sex related threads
    anything with (macros inside) budgasmpics
    anything glass related
  9. Threads like this!
  10. I like grow threads that show lots of pics of plants like a week before harvest when the buds are maxed out. A lot of grow threads start showing pics when the plants are like 2" tall. Who wants to see that?! It's a waste of space on the GC servers. Harvest pics or none at all! LOL! :smoke:
  11. GC man not GS

    and threads related to substances

    and the ones where people show what bud people pick up

    trip reports

  12. ya i like those too

    and every one can kiss my ass for miss spelling GC, tho i dont know why i would spell it grass sity...:confused:
  13. I like any thread that Foop posts in.
  14. i'm with kinkz on this one lol
  15. vids, people needing help, idk whatever fits my needs at that time.
  16. all of them. i love grass sity. :rolleyes:

  17. Funny, I'm the exact opposite :eek:

    Pretty much any thread that couldn't have been avoided by using the search button.
  18. fuck yeah!
  19. Haha, you have no idea how loud I just laughed to myself. I'm pretty sure the neighbours heard.

  20. True that.

    I like crazy ass stories and cool glass.

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