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What's your fave piece called, and why??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by D9_THC, Nov 28, 2002.

  1. I know this thread has been done to death before, but I'm bored, and I'm sure it'll keep others interested....

    Anyways, my favourite piece is called

    Sir George Dean Angus Head III (...the Third, for those of you who don't understand numerals).

    All of my stoning buddies say it's a "posh" looking bong, because it's.... well.... it's perfect, basically. Fourteen inches high, and at seven inches down begins a perfect sphere and then a cute little stand at the bottom.
    So, I decided to give it a posh name, and seeing as my friend George has a posh name, I decided to steal it and use it for my bong :D

    And I added the sir, for 'tis truly the mightiest bong in all the land.

    And the "head" part is quite the little coincidence eh??:p
  2. Killer Tornado. Killer because it can make anyone puke if you hit it too hard. Tornado because pof the way the smoke fills the chamber. It is a home made piece, an Ammerretto bottle with a hole drilled in it and a glass slide and a HUGE glass bowl. It's the Killer
  3. my raydiator dubbed, the train cuz one day i smoked and put it away and it looked like a futuristic train, i dunno
  4. I have a metal demon head water bong with a bowl on top of the head and it has a hose out the back, I named it KANE, I named it KANE because it just sounds right when you look at it.
  5. My favorite pipe is dr Dread, carved by a rasta friend of mine out of 'Ligum Viate' wood. I've had da Dr for almost 15 years and da inside bowl is pure hash LOL :) LOL

    Da"Still Tokin Da Dr"Captn
  6. i call my home bong the BFB (Big Fucking Bong) .. its a 4-way 5 chamber bong... 1 master chambe(10 litre jug) and its got 4 personal chamber(4x600ml bottles) ... its totally colapsable.. and at the same time air tight... the master chamber has a place to put ice in it.. and since its a water jug.. its got a drain... and since the 4 pop bottles detach they are easy to drain too... its also go two bowls... cause when 4 people are sucking.. one wasnt enough..became too hard to suck... and 2 help to distribute more evenly...

  7. holy shit
  8. Well, let's all time favorite utinsel is my 3 foot glass bong called "Captain Jack" after the Billy Joel song. Unfortunatly a friend of mine kicked it over and broke it in half. :p My favorite glass pipe it called "the Alien" since is has an alien face etched into the bowl end. I'd have to say my all time favorite piece that I ever smoked out of was a bong named "Jerry" after the immortal Jerry Garcia. My dead head friend even had a sticker of Jerry wrapped around the neck. ;>

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