Whats Your Dream Piece?

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  1. What's a piece that you really wish you had? It could be a bong, a pipe, a vape, or even a kind of rolling paper; or it could be a made-up piece that you wish existed (even if physics doesn't permit it).
    For instance, I really wish there was a device that turned my bud directly into wax...like sucked in the bud from one tube and pushed out wax from the other.
    Well? Lets hear it.

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    What? First you ask for description of dream piece as in smoking utensils that currently exist then you go make up something. I'm confused about what you're asking.
    Edit: ah I missed the made up part
    In that case a want a robot turtle that roams around my house and shits nugs of weed.
  3. I want a purple and black steamroller with lightning bolts and ankh
  4. Id like to have a glass bong i could fold up in my pocket that would grow endlessly, made of glass nanobots.

    So if im at a party i could just make it have 50 bowls and openings and grow to meet my needs haha, but coulda also use it as a sneak a toke.

    It would also be capable of vaping and would self clean/always be sterile, due to the bots reacting to the environment.

    It would shrink down to the size of a quarter and would "beam" into my pocket if i was within 10 miles of my house.

  5. I've always thought it'd be cool if you could make an inhalor into a self lighting smoking device. When you press down on it it would light a flame and then when you breath in it would pull the flame onto the bowl and right into you. and when you let go of it the flame would go out. I always think something like that would be awesome but never even thought about actually trying to make one haha.
  6. [​IMG]
    VapeXHale Cloud Evo with Swaggerpuck tube..... so envious @[member="nanners"] :p 
    Also one of these 
    EFS Gridded Donut Incycler :metal: 
    and this just because : 
    Banjo dont fuck around
  7. [​IMG]
    A fun show piece.
  8. I want a portable gravity bong
  9. I just want a super high end bong!
    My current bong is nice and it is definately a mid-high end piece but I still just want something more from my bonging experience. Wider tube, a foot longer (mine is around 16-17 inches tall), honeycomb percs instead of showercap percs, and some kind of crazy hand done glass engraving by a glass artist.
  10. A collapsible coffee mug bong. Kinda like what Marty had in Cabin in the Woods.
    So statistical fact for all of you: Cops will never pull over a man with a huge bong in his car.
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  12. A möbius stereo matrix stemline with some work done, maybe a bit of slyme glass. That or a gridded stemless by sovereignty

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  13. Cheech plasma ball [attachment=1573091:ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1411868883.143104.jp

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  14. An original Tommy gun

  15. A Mothership fabegg
  16. I just want a bong
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  18. ASS


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