What's Your Dream Job?

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  1. I posted this in the great outdoors, because I really want to here different nature related dream jobs.

    I love nature, I love the outdoors, everywhere I go, I'm always looking past the buildings into the woods, hills, anything, and I always think about how cool it'd be to smoke in that spot. (whatever I'm looking at)

    But, my dream job would be: National Geographic Camera Man.

    I watch Nat Geo all the time, and the shit they have on there makes me so jealous, literally the whole time I'm watching it, I'm imagining about smoking in the places they record.
    Nature is so beautiful, everything about it.
    I'd love to just get to travel to exotic and non exotic places that are filled with amazing nature. I'd just take a toke before recording so I can enjoy it even more, and just sit there with my camera checking out everything, from the exotic plants, trees, to the animals most people never get to see besides from seeing it on T.V.

    So tell me, what would be your dream job?
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    being a military dictator.

    That would be awsome. having a uniform and a staff that follows me around everywhere and agrees with everything i say and does whatever i want them to

    then i could bribe cops and get away with whatever i want. and if anyone said anything they would sit in prison.

    man thad be awsome
  3. Muscian touring and havin fun doin it.
  4. It's not exactly nature-related, however, I'd love to be a field correspondent for the BBC.
  5. music producer... death metal and hip hop! would be dope chillin, smokin weed all day and just making good tunes
  6. musician.. spending time between myself and mostly of my time between touring and recording.
  7. Well im currently unemployed and looking for a job but obviously haven't found one yet im really not interested in anything because i know i would fail. School isn't for me i tried high school in 2 different countries and community college for almost a semester and you just couldn't beat it out of me. My "dream" or more down to earth reality job would be selling Bud and what not all i have ever done right.
  8. Wow, i'd love to be a Nat Geo photographer too. I love to travel, i love photography i love animals and nature.

    I mean i could actually do this, i'm a graphic design major but i take a photography paper and photography is what i'm best at. So i dont we why i cant have my dream job.

  9. I'm sure the dudes started out as a journalist or something.
    But now a days, you have to know someone to get a job 75% of the time, or just be real good at what you do.
  10. Large scale grower to benefit the medicinal cannabis community. A large, successful, clean business with a good work ethic and a staff that I can trust with my left nut. To be able to distribute good clean cannabis to those who are in need of it, legally. All under a brand name

  11. Leader of the New World Order
  12. Manager or sales rep at a nutrient company like botanicare or advanced...drive around to hydro stores talking about weed all day
  13. Porn "Actor"
  14. Doin it now. Entrepreneur. Very lucrative field lol. Definetely could do this my whole life hahaha.
  15. [quote name='"Sir Tokes Alot"']Doin it now. Entrepreneur. Very lucrative field lol. Definetely could do this my whole life hahaha.[/quote]

    What kinda stuff you working on now?

  16. Word, what're you working on?

  17. Same exact dream job dude. I'm majoring in film and really hope I could get a job with them or BBC
  18. My dream job is to become a Park Ranger.
    I'de love to be one at or near Yosemite, Grand Canyon, or somewhere up in NorCal.
    But becoming one anywhere then working my way up to bigger national parks is a fucking dream come true.

  19. Same here. I am currently majoring in Natural Resources and Tourism. My ultimate dream would be a ranger within a national park like Yellowstone. However, getting to that would be a dream come true.

    Honestly, I just want to ultimately have a job where I am managing and protecting some of the last natural beauty we have on this Earth. It doesn't matter to me how big or how small my efforts are just as long as I am helping in some kind of significant way.
  20. Exactly my man. Ultimatley, i just want to spend my time outdoors.

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