What's your diet?

Discussion in 'General' started by Silemanx, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. I'm curious to know how everyone eats. (What a weird thing to wonder.)

    So I made a little survey for you to take.

    1. What does your diet consist of?
    2. What's your favorite food?
    3. Least favorite food?
    4. Favorite snack(s) to eat high?
    5. Favorite drink?
  2. 1. cheap shitty processed foods because its all we can afford.
    2. pizza.
    3. dont really have one.
    4. popcorn.
    5. good ole H2O (but occasionally i enjoy some Dr. Pepper)
  3. 1. mainly whole wheat breads and chicken. only water i drink, maybe at the most a soda can every week. my main sin is sweets tho, gotta have like an equivalent of a candy bar a day haha.
    2. my favorite foods are prolly like fucken ribs or something. tuna sandwich i guess? lol
    3. tomatoes, fuck them
    4. lemonheads, ice cream, chocolate,
    5. if not water then sweet tea
  4. I dont really have favorites, just dont. So skipping 2-5 lol.

    1. Whatevers at the house. Mainly Tacos, Hamburgers, Spaghetti, junk food, i dont know. Basically whatever. Dont watch what I eat, dont have too.

    2. Cant decide.

    3. Too many to chose from..

    4. Dont like to eat high but, umm Munchies.

    5. Dont know. Really dont know.

    Eating really isnt my cup of tea. I get tried of it.

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