Whats your definition of aggressive?

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  1. What's your definition of aggressive?
  2. Vitality Aggression, passion in life, too little produces sloth, too much creates hubris.
    Antisocial Agression Spectrum A, covert aggressive impulses channeled into non violent or sport activities, poorly channeled leads to violence
    AAS Spec. B, misanthropism, dangerous and volatile, best quelled rather than controlled

    True Pridefulness

    that's aggression
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    I'd define aggression as trying to force someone to feel or do anything they don't want to feel or do.
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  4. Aggression to me is the action taken at the expense of others.

    Stealing is an act of aggression. Scamming is an act of aggression. Predatory business practices are an act of aggression.

    If you intentional violate any right of another person, or play on their weakness in a voluntary situation, its an act of aggression

    I actually made a thread asking if its possible to violate the (non aggression principle) in a voluntary situation. I believe you can.

    Nap and voluntarism are mutually exclusive

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  5. Aggression would be focused intent of a higher nature, ranging from the passions of life to the aversive elements of life, from the fleeting passive aggressiveness to the volatile aggression of those intoxicated on excess or poverty of emotion,deprivation or poisoning on natural systems artificially or virally,etc.

    Love can be aggressive
    Hate can be passive
    Love can kill
    Hate,properly channeled, can save one
    Aggressively seeking employment
    Passively conning a lover who you dont love
    Passive Aggressive statements asking your daughter if she loves you, not wanting to compromise your projection of discipline in your manner, the punishment of the new age of parenting
    Passively hoping you can get away
    Aggressive intent to get there in time

    words often have more than two meanings in this era of interconnectedness, Springtime of Humanity
  6. Agressive: A person who hasn´t smoked a joint yet. 
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  7. i think aggressiveness can be a good thing - ie: persistence, resilience, relentless, driven, motivated, determined, focused, etc...
  8. I'll agree with that.
  9. aggressive:
    ready or likely to attack or confront; characterized by or resulting from aggression.
    - Google

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