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Whats your career?

Discussion in 'General' started by DarkLeo, May 25, 2010.

  1. photographer/tour leader
  2. My "career" is living life, dude.

  3. yea i am also for the most part. I was doing great for a while making my own money until the economy and a ex fucked me over (owned a house/general cleaning company).

    now that's me at the moment

    I really have no clue where I'm going from here. Not sure if I want to work for someone else or give starting another biz a shot.

    I don't like working for others and knowing there making money off me. When I worked as a contractor at a steal mill, I made $13 an hr. I thought that was nice until I found out my boss was getting paid $33 an hr for every employee.
  4. I own a number of online businesses but that is really only so I look legit to the government and they don't ask any questions.

    [ame=]YouTube - Cassidy - Im a Hustla OFFICIAL VIDEO HQ [with lyrics][/ame]

    This sums up the majority of my income, since we can't talk about it on here.
  5. ^^^ haha, i like how you put that
  6. I'm the IT Manager for a machine shop. The only thing I really manage is myself and I don't do a great job at that. I hate IT but I'm kinda stuck in the field for a while.
  7. Building contactor.
  8. Current job: Bartender

    Money is absolutely outstanding but the general public sucks the big one.

    After I'm through with school and the hiring freeze is lifted then it'll either be the Chicago Police Department or Chicago Fire Department. Which ever comes first to be honest, they're both fantastic jobs.
  9. I am going to school for audio and media production, working freelance live sound gigs right now, setting up sound systems for a lot of college commencements.
  10. Im a 2nd level support engineer, my job is fixing servers although lately i get a lot of calls from phone monkeys in the office complaining that the printer will not work.

    I also chill with the 1st level support guy, he escalates calls onto me alot of the time but hes sound. We smoke too much weed in work hours though.
  11. currently undeclared in school, but I want to do something with the mind, psychology/psychiatrist maybe
  12. Mother and media production person.

    Completely not what I went to college for.
  13. Student.

    Getting my English degree and hopefully becoming a high school teacher.
  14. college student and dog trainer
  15. I grow cannabis to support myself. Always plan on it too. Its a lifestyle and a hobby :D
  16. I'm a filthy stoner, a burden to society, a menace to white people and uncle toms.
  17. i'm a student and hope to be an urban planner in the not so distant future.
  18. i wanna design septic tanks for playgrounds, so little kids can take shits.
  19. I'm a writer and a musician. Currently working on a fantasy novel and some piano compositions. Looking for a regular job so that I move to somewhere less boring.
  20. Web Dev for a well-respected studio

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