Whats your career?

Discussion in 'General' started by DarkLeo, May 25, 2010.

  1. Just kind of curious what career's you all have.

    I'm a Web Developer.

    Anyone else care to share?
  2. Im trying to become a firefighter but no career currently
  3. IT Support

    My degree is in Econ but I get by on stuff with self teaching what I need to know on the fly. I don't want to work in IT but I can't seem to escape it.

    EDIT: I also do taxes from Jan-April. But thats sorta for fun :D
  4. I'm a student atm but I hope to become an RN.
  5. Student, work as a Kitchen Assistant in a fancy restaurant, basically making sandwiches all day..

    but im studying Journalism, who knows, might be the next Hunter S Thompson, watch this space ;) i take enough drugs anyway..
  6. i'm a barber

    i give the best buzzcuts on the block
  7. Untill recently I was a flair bartender. I think im still going to pursue it, either in a new country or a cruise ship though.
  8. Entrepreneur
  9. I work in the education field. I love my job, and I find it very rewarding.
  10. Pharmacist by day...gigalo by night...

  11. imma couch warmer

  12. College student right now, going to major in political science, then to law school so i can become a senator or president who smokes weed on the congress floor...i kid you not. remember this post.

  13. make me vice-president...
  14. Haha, you said career.
  15. I'm a trench digger for a company that sets up sprinkler systems.
  16. Retired Heavy Equip. operator

    Musician, frontman and sax player in a band:D:smoke:
  17. I'm currently a student, so technically I'm nobody...yet.
  18. I'm a student... Doing a BA in Drama, then Honors, then an MA in Creative Writing.. So you know, something like that...

    (But really, I wanna be an astronaut):D
  19. I'm not a businessman i'm a business, man!!

    Currently at uni and a lifeguard on the weekend, aspiring to run a business some day, owning a mansion with a honey and lush holidays in the carribean. Oh i dream.

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