What's your biggest secret?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by smoky14, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Me too ;(
  2. I say I'm over here but I'm over there

  3. Man ive been there bro, hang in there i know exactly what you are goin through. You need a good significant other in life you can kinda lean on who is strong, that made a huge difference for me and bc im open about it now it makes me stronger

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  4. No big secrets in my life im just happy to be here and doin as good as i am mentally and physically. But if i did have a funny one to tell that i dont always share story wise is I did basically shit myself on a 3rd date once with an incredible girl i was gonna bang that night bc the dinner that night was not good it wasnt cooked right and i paid for that. She never knew though and i dropped her off that night and didnt go in, what a miserable feelin

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  5. Only my mother and father know about my drug addiction and if I did die when I overdosed twice in one week I don't think they'd ever know why it happened. But I'll tell all of you - I tried to kill myself because I've been bashed at 15 by full grown adults on several occasions, sexually assaulted, my gf was riding me one day didn't hop off I blew and she fell pregnant while I was in rehab with no help from family or friends no money no house I tried to hope everything would be ok but then she had a miscarriage i relapsed and did multiple drugs several times a day for 7 years now I've finally been clean a year this month. That sums up what I'm battling at the moment. Only my mum understands. Dad does but not on the same level.
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  6. That's a big deal. Good on ya, bro. Major kudos.
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  7. I'm an ex-israeli commando that faked my own death to live out of my dream of starting over in the US as a hairdresser. I tried to apply at Paul Mitchell but they laughed in my face so now I'm working at a smaller shop. They haven't let me cut hair yet or paid me anything but I truly believe I will get my chance and be great at cutting hair and making everyone feel silky smooth.
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  8. haha. ok. when i was 7 my lil sister fell asleep at the copmuter watching youtube at night. i woke up a around 2 to grab a drink and found her. so i opened up a bunch of porn sites and left them on. my dad was not impressed with her the following day i can say that haha.
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  9. I stole my roommate's identity to get a job as a long term sub at a prestigious private school. At first I was just fucking around but then when I realized the kids had musical talent I decided to form them into a band and we've been practicing all day for the upcoming battle of the bands during class. I hope I don't get discovered before these kids get the chance to rock out on stage.
  10. My uncle caused my father to fall to his death into a stampede of wilderbeasts and then tried to tell me it was my fault. I ran away from home and I've been chilling with these two cool dudes who have taught me a new way of looking at life but I can't help but think I need to return home to set things right and settle the score. Also I eat bugs now.
  11. After being diagnosed with a terminal illness I quit my job as a science teacher and started manufacturing drugs as a way to make money so that I could leave my wife and son with a sizable amount of money when I died. Well I've gotten quite good at it and made more than we'll ever need but I don't want to stop because of the pure rush I get from it. Also my brother in law is a DEA Agent but he has no idea that I'm the man he's searching for.
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  12. Any time I tell any level of vanity, I feel like my mother and then I get upset about that.
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    I got fired for smoking weed on the job after about a 2 month run, and to this day still won't tell my parents how I got fired.

    I mowed down a street sign with my dads car trying to drift out of the parking lot at work, the corner was off camber so once the summer tires slipped on the ice God took the wheel and plowed the car straight ahead. Minimal damage hardly noticeable uslesd specifically looking, but that street sign was a goner.

    I was hand break drifting (fwd) my car through round abouts one snowy night going bout 20kph. when the lever got cuaght for a split second and the rear end rotated a little bit further than I wanted it to, once i knew the rear end was beyond saving i figured out my car was on course directly for the street signs. My tires hit the curb and road over stopping no more than 6" from the signs. This being the only round about in the city with low 4" curbs while the others being 10" curbs saving my ass from blowing 2 tires on the spot, or bending a tie rod. learnt my lesson when in doubt gas it out.
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    Ol girl fucked me over in a bad bad way
    So....I torched her ride...never seen a car go boom before( must have been a full gas tank blowed the fuckin rear hatch door off it)...never been so scared of going to jail In My life either...never got caught...law never even looked my way but she knew I done it...two weeks later I found out she had packed up and moved out of state.... neighbor of hers said she seemed scared for some reason....( Fuckin bitch)
    (Damn shame..). ( it was a nice car too)
    (Disclaimer) anything' I write may or may not be true it must depend on the time...the day...and wether or not I have taken my psychiatric medication..
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  15. Uh oh
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  16. i cant tell you.. its a secret
  17. I own a struggling fast food restaurant across the street from a very successful fast food restaurant. I am obsessed with getting the secret formula to the signature burger of the restaurant across the street but the owner is on to me and foils my every plot to steal his secret formula. His fry cook is a weak point though, he is very naive and friendly to everyone so I have decided to befriend him in an effort to trick him into either giving me the formula or coming to work for me and bringing his knowledge of the secret formula with him.
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  18. Good luck plankton
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