What's your biggest secret?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by smoky14, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. So come on every1 come here and reveal to the community what your biggest secret is something you have never told any1 else before:p mine is when I was a teen everytime I stayed at this girls house I would put her hand in warm water wile she slept and she would usually wet the bed didn't always work? After this happened a few times her parents got her to wear diapers at night 4 a while haha. I stoped doing it when that happened haha
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  2. You guys are the only people that have a slight clue of how much i don't care about people, unless their in my top 10.
  3. Not my biggest secret. But here's a little one: When no ones over I smoke but ass naked.
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  4. I. Love. To. Swim. Nude.

    The Girl doesn't share my fondness for swimming sans trunks.

    I also love foreign films, especially French ones. I know. I'm a sick sad man. I just finished watching a movie called Babette's Feast. It brought a tear to my eye. :D
  5. Jeebus, secrets?
    Hmm.... I think I've hid them too well in my mind that I don't even recognize them as secrets..
    But thats okay... right? ...

  6. Cherers for the replys folks. Just thought it would be funny to see what people would admit to haha
  7. My biggest secret is my marijuana habit, gotta keep it hidden til i move out:cool:
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  8. Im not wearing any pants...
  9. I don't have secrets...
  10. Come on every1 has something that no1 else knows about:p
  11. You're not sick at all dude.
  12. I went around door to door asking people to donate money to a charity for Breast cancer. I got $200 and bought a half ounce of sour diesel. Was it not worth it?(rhetorical)
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  13. thats sorta fucked up. you shouldnt of said breast cancer. maybe like girlscouts or sumthing.
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  14. lol he answered the question; didnt say he was proud of it
  15. No hating here. This thread is for people to get secrets off their chest. Every1 has done something in life their not proud of so don't rant on the people who will admit their mistakes and get their story out in the open
  16. Stealing is bad but if its needed it can be justified.

    Stealing from a charity is AWFUL and NO ONE should ever abuse people good nature like that.

    ESPECIALLY for something as trivial as cannabis. Like he is stealing off of good hearted people to buy drugs. He is a scumbag. Simple as that.
  17. Do you know how much fucked up shit goes down (Rape, murder, etc..) everyday? Its really not that bad man. Im sure you've done something just as bad. We all have.
  18. Yeah, he answered his biggest secret, we are not here to judge.
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    Not really a secret but I don't really like to share it unless its close people, but I have a really really bad dry skin problem, like lotion barely does anything for me, so when it gets super bad my legs kinda look scaly.

    Oh and I still bite my toenails, its a hella bad habit, yeh weird I know
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  20. dnt really have any big secrets, did spill the nastiest bong water fulll of ash on a friend's diploma, and i mean nasty that diploma is fucked. partly his fault thou, he should taken better care of that thing an cleaned it at least once a fuckin month.

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